12 loại mascara Innisfree hot hit được chị em tìm kiếm nhiều nhất (Cập nhật)

Mascara will help your eyes become sharper and more attractive in the eyes of men. Let’s go with Bach Hoa Xanh to buy yourself a mascara through the article 12 hot hit Innisfree mascaras that are most sought after by women right now!

Below will be a summary of all 12 Innisfree mascaras. Hope you will find yourself a suitable mascara to become more sparkling every time you appear in front of the crowd.

firstMascara Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara

Mascara Innisfree Skinny Waterproof MicrocaraMascara Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara

The first product on the list is Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara with brush head only 2.5mm maybe Can sharpen even the shortest lashes. The mascara part adheres evenly, to the eyelashes, does not stick to each other.

The highlight of the product that the company mentioned a lot is the product’s water resistance, helping you confidently not be afraid of drifting in the water environment. This is a hot product of a Korean cosmetic corporation that is sought after by everyone.

Ingredients and uses

Products are Supplementing with natural ingredients to help nourish eyelidseyelash care oil contained in Mascara Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara Safe to use on sensitive skin like eye skin, do not worry about irritation.

User manual

Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelids to your liking. Apply mascara from the bottom up in a zigzag line so that the mascara adheres evenly on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes naturally curl.

Reference price: 200,000 VND

2Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara

Innisfree Skinny Microcara MascaraInnisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara

With the signature white design of the skinny line, Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara with outstanding features is an ultra-thin brush head, extreme drift resistance up to 97%, Color fastness up to 12 hours without losing the folds. This is a mascara line that every woman should try.

Ingredients and uses

Ingredients extracted from nature should be able to use that No worries about irritation or eyelash loss. Helps you have thick, curved, natural and attractive eyelashes, thereby helping you to have attractive eyes.

User manual

First of all, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes up as you like. Then brush in a zigzag line from the bottom up so that the mascara adheres evenly and helps the lashes curl naturally.

Reference price: 250,000 VND

3Mascara Innisfree Skinny LongLongCara

Mascara Innisfree Skinny LongLongCaraMascara Innisfree Skinny LongLongCara

The next super product from the Innisfree family is Mascara Innisfree Skinny LongLongCaragives you a perfect eyelashes up to 1.5 times long common and maintained for 12 hours You can comfortably go anywhere without worrying about having to reapply mascara.

Ingredients and uses

With 100% natural ingredients, Mascara Innisfree Skinny LongLongCara can pamper even the most sensitive skin. Helps to naturally curl eyelashes for 12 hours, confidently go to the beach or go to the rain without fear of smearing.

User manual

Brush evenly, gently from the base of the eyelashes to the tip in a zigzag pattern to get natural curled eyelashes. You can brush many times to make the eyelashes look fuller and should brush the lower lashes for a perfect deep eye.

Reference price: 230,000 VND

4Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara Mascara

Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara MascaraInnisfree Ultrafine Browcara Mascara

As Innisfree’s popular eyebrow mascara, the product is very sought after by women, The brush head is thin and delicate easy to follow the eyebrow line, Helps eyebrows even color, natural but still sharp. Mascara Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara is undoubtedly the best seller of Innisfree.

Ingredients and uses

With table The main ingredients are silicon, oxide ions, mica, titanium dioxide,… The product will give you a sharp eyebrow, effectively anti-drift. In addition, the product also has sunscreen ingredients to help protect eyebrows optimally.

User manual

Hold the brush upright, brush in the opposite direction of eyebrow growth. Depending on your preference, you can brush as many times as you like.

Reference price: 150,000 VND

5Innisfree Skinny Volumecara Mascara

Innisfree Skinny Volumecara MascaraInnisfree Skinny Volumecara Mascara

If you’re looking for an affordable mascara that works great, give it a try Innisfree Skinny Volumecara Mascara Please. Products are Design with luxurious black colorThe cap of the mascara is longer than the body, so don’t be confused.

Ingredients and uses

Innisfree Skinny Volumecara Mascara Extracted from natural ingredients that do not irritate eyelashes, do not cause eyelash loss. Helps naturally curl lashes, even short and coarse lashes. Keep glued eyelashes without worrying about losing wrinkles.

User manual

Use eyelash curler before applying mascara. Brush gently from head to tail in a zigzag path so that the mascara adheres to the lashes more evenly.

Reference price: 320,000 VND

6Innisfree Skinny & Jumbo DualCara Mascara

Innisfree Skinny & Jumbo DualCara MascaraInnisfree Skinny & Jumbo DualCara Mascara

With Unique design 2 brush heads help makeup followers have more options in making their eyelashes more attractive. Jumbo head with large comb teeth suitable for outstanding makeup styleskinny top with super small comb suitable for light, natural makeup. Mascara Innisfree Skinny & Jumbo DualCara is the best choice for you, isn’t it?

Ingredients and uses

Okay Produced from the gentle ingredients of the Eco series, it is completely eye-friendly to bring to the eyes can transform according to their own style, from light to attractive Mascara Innisfree Skinny & Jumbo DualCara can do.

User manual

Apply both ends: After using the eyelash curler, use the micro skinny end to brush in a zigzag pattern on both the upper and lower lashes. Then use the jumbo tip to brush the upper lashes to help curl up and thicken.

Apply each end:

Skinny top for natural lashes: Use mascara to apply a zigzag line on both lashes, remember to keep the tip of the brush upright to cover the shortest lashes.

Jumbo head for seductive eyelashes: Use mascara to apply a zigzag pattern, wait for it to dry and apply a second time. Avoid applying thick at the tip of the lashes.

Reference price: 340,000 VND

7Mascara Innisfree Soy Essence Volume Mascara

Mascara Innisfree Soy Essence Volume MascaraMascara Innisfree Soy Essence Volume Mascara

The indispensable product in this ranking is the Innisfree Soy Essence Volume Mascara Mascara. Okay Extracted from soybean oil Mascara Innisfree Soy Essence Volume Mascara gives women beautiful, big and round eyes. attractive.

Ingredients and uses

With an ingredient list made entirely from natural ingredients, No parabens, no artificial colors or mineral oils absolute safety. In addition, the product also has soy extract to help eyelashes stay in place for a long time.

User manual

Use the eyelash curler to fix the lashes, then brush the lashes in a zigzag pattern from the top to the bottom to get the desired lashes.

Reference price: 280,000 VND

8Mascara Innisfree Lifting Curl Cara

Mascara Innisfree Lifting Curl CaraMascara Innisfree Lifting Curl Cara

As a newly launched product line of the company, Mascara Innisfree Lifting Curl Cara Very popular in the beauty world. With Design 2 separate broaching heads helps thicken and curl eyelashes naturally, bringing perfect beautiful eyes.

Ingredients and uses

Product Contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin, especially the sensitive eye area so you don’t have to be afraid of irritation. Mascara Innisfree Lifting Curl Cara brings curvier, longer eyelashes, soft brush to help healthy eyelashes, without losing eyelashes.

User manual

After the step of pressing eyelashes, you gently brush along a zigzag line from the beginning to the end of the eyelashes. You can brush many times to make your eyelashes darker and more attractive.

Reference price: 215,000 VND

9Mascara Innisfree Jumbo Mascara Volume Base

Mascara Innisfree Jumbo Mascara Volume BaseMascara Innisfree Jumbo Mascara Volume Base

The next product in Innisfree’s top 12 mascara products is Mascara Innisfree Jumbo Mascara Volume Base products have jet black body designThe plastic part of the eyelash brush is made of different plastic than other mascaras.

Ingredients and uses

Board Safe ingredients like most mascara products from Innisfree house Does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin. The product helps the eyelids look thicker without being washed away by rain or sweat.

User manual

Before brushing, you should remove the excess gel to avoid clumping when combing into the eyelashes. Gently brush in a zigzag pattern from the base of the lashes to the tip. Brush once or twice to make the lashes look fuller.

Reference price: 250,000 VND

tenInnisfree Super Volumecara Mascara

Innisfree Super Volumecara MascaraInnisfree Super Volumecara Mascara

If you are looking for a mascara that helps Make your eyelashes thick and attractive than then Innisfree Super Volumecara Mascara is an option that you should not miss.

Ingredients and uses

With Natural extracts such as soybean, pearl help nourish eyelashes, Paraben free, mineral oil free or artificial colors should not harm the eyes. The main use of this eyeshadow is to bring eyelashes with a charming thick curling effect, especially suitable for thin eyelashes.

User manual

Place mascara at eye level, gently brush from the inside out, brush the lashes in a zigzag pattern to make them thicker and fuller. Turn the brush head backwards, brushing on the ends to create an instant lash effect.

Reference price: 320,000 VND

11Innisfree Super Longlashcara Mascara

Innisfree Super Longlashcara MascaraInnisfree Super Longlashcara Mascara

With a drastically improved design line Innisfree Super Longlashcara Mascara is an option that you should think about if you want to have a thick, attractive curl without having to spend too much money.

Ingredients and uses

Board Clean ingredients are committed by the company to not use additives Absolutely safe to use for the eye area. Besides, the product also Contains moisturizers to help keep lashes healthy From inside.

User manual

Once you’re done with your makeup, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Then use the brush to lightly brush on the eyelids in the direction from the base to the tip.

Reference price: 320,000 VND

twelfthMascara Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara

Mascara Innisfree Skinny Brow MascaraMascara Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara

The last product in the top 12 hottest mascara products of Innisfree is Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara Mascara with an ultra-thin tip, shaping and coloring for eyebrows to help you get a more perfect face.

Ingredients and uses

With Extremely benign ingredients that do not cause irritation to the skin. Helps shape eyelashes to create attractive eyelashes for women. The smudge-proof formula makes the mascara waterproof, anti-sebum, and dries quickly.

User manual

To brush parallel to the eyebrows, use mascara to brush back the eyebrows, comb from the beginning to the end to create a natural texture. Particularly for the top of your eyebrows, focus on brushing from the bottom up to make the color more clear.

Reference price: 140,000 VND

A pair of curled eyelashes will always make you more confident in front of the crowd. Therefore, investing in a mascara is a must. Hopefully, through the article Bach Khoa Xanh shares, you have chosen for yourself a mascara product that is suitable for your needs.

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