6 Địa Chỉ Bơm Môi Đẹp, Uy Tín Nhất Tại TPHCM Bạn Nên Chọn (Cập nhật)

Lip pump where beautiful and prestigious in Ho Chi Minh City is a concern of many women. Because even though it is a simple technique, performed at poor quality facilities can cause lips to become inflamed, swollen, unbalanced, etc. To make it easier to choose, readers can refer to the list. 6 reputable addresses are summarized in the following content.

where to get lip injections in tphcm
Where is a beautiful and prestigious lip pump in Ho Chi Minh City?

6 Prestigious and beautiful lip pump addresses in Ho Chi Minh City

Thick, seductive lips are a beauty trend favored by women in recent years. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a sexy “sloppy” lip shape. To overcome the shortcomings of thin, unattractive lips, many women decide to pump their lips to enhance their beauty and become more attractive.

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses fillers or autologous fat to be injected into the lower / upper lip to make the lips more sexy and full. In addition, fillers and autologous fat also have the effect of blurring lip lines, bringing radiant and youthful lips to women. Because it is a medical cosmetic method, without surgical intervention, lip pump is very popularly applied.

However, lip injections in poor quality locations can pose some risks such as disproportionate lips, swelling, sores, infection or even prolonged bleeding. Currently, many spas and beauty salons arbitrarily perform lip injections without a license from the Ministry of Health. Most of these facilities are not qualified for sterile equipment, systems and qualified doctors. To avoid beauty risks, women need to be careful when choosing a lip cosmetic address.

In order to help readers find a beautiful and prestigious lip pump address in Ho Chi Minh City, TopAZ has compiled 6 highly-rated beauty establishments in the following content:


JW Cosmetic Hospital Korea

JW Aesthetic Hospital is a professional and prestigious beauty center in the Southern region in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular. The hospital is invested in modern machinery and technology to support the team of doctors in the process of diagnosis, consultation and surgery. Over many years of operation, the hospital has affirmed its position as a prestigious beauty address with diverse and quality services.

prestigious lip pump in HCMC
JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital performs lip injection with filler injection

Lip aesthetics is one of the favorite service groups at JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital. Although it is a simple technique, the lip injection service here is still performed by Dr., Doctor Nguyen Phan Tu Dung. Confident about the quality of service, JW hospital is committed to bringing sexy and seductive lips to women after lip augmentation.

Currently, the hospital uses filler injections (fillers) to overcome thin lips, disproportionate and unattractive lips. JW only uses fillers from reputable brands, which are benign and safe for health. In addition, JW Aesthetic Hospital is also trusted and chosen by many customers because of its transparency in costs, long-term warranty and quality after-sales policy.

Lip pump price list at JW Korea Cosmetic Hospital:

  • Lip injection with filler costs from 12-16 million VND/cc

Contact Info:

  • Head office: No. 44 – 50 Ton That Tung Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
  • Branch: No. 141 – 143 Le Thi Rieng, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
  • Hotline: 09 6868 1111 – 09 6868 2222
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday (8:00 – 18:00), Saturday (8:00 – 17:00) and Sunday (8:00 – 12:00)
  • Website: thammyhanquoc.vn


Dong A Aesthetic Hospital – Lip injection with filler, autologous fat

Having the strength of a team of doctors, technicians and modern facilities, Dong A Aesthetic Hospital has become the preferred choice of many customers when they need to take care of and beautify themselves. In particular, the lip cosmetic services here receive many positive feedbacks because of their high aesthetic efficiency, quick implementation process and reasonable cost.

For those with thin lips, East Asian aesthetics offers a solution to fill the lips with filler injections. East Asia uses fillers of Perlane, Restylan and Collagen brands that have been recognized by the US Department of Health and FDA for aesthetic effectiveness and safety. Although it is a simple service, Dong A hospital still focuses on the aseptic factor in the examination and implementation process. With many strengths, Dong A is committed to providing customers with a sexy, natural and absolutely safe lip shape.

prestigious lip pump in HCMC
Dong A Aesthetic Hospital is a beauty system with strengths in both human and material resources

Besides lip injection service, Dong A Aesthetic Hospital also provides other cosmetic lip solutions such as lip reduction, cleft lip, heart-shaped lip, smiley lip surgery, upper/lower lip fat transplant, etc. With the desire to help all women have the opportunity to renovate their beauty, Dong A regularly has special promotions and promotions on special occasions.

Lip pump price list at Dong A Aesthetic Hospital:

  • Filling lips with filler costs from 10 to 15 million
  • Lip injection by autologous fat grafting method on top / bottom cost 25 million

Contact Info:

  • Head office: No. 218 Nguyen Trai, Ward 3, District 5
  • Branch: No. 69A Ba Thang Hai Street, District 10
  • Working time: 8:00 – 18:00 every day of the week
  • Website: benhvienthammydonga.vn
  • Hotline: 1900 6499


A Au Hospital – Professional lip pump address in Ho Chi Minh City

With 30 years of operation and development, A Au Hospital has become a prestigious, safe and quality beauty address in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Oriented to develop into a comprehensive cosmetic center, Asia Europe offers customers many services such as liposuction, breast-buttock aesthetics, private rejuvenation, maxillofacial surgery, nose and eye cosmetic surgery, tattoo spray. , skin treatment, cosmetic dentistry,…

Asia Europe Aesthetic Hospital offers a lip pump solution for people with thin lips who want to have a full, sexy heart-shaped lip shape. The hospital uses fillers (fillers) to improve the thickness and shape of the lips without surgical intervention. To ensure safety, A Au commits to only use fillers of reputable brands that are imported genuine.

Coming to A Au Aesthetic Hospital, customers will be examined and consulted by a doctor specifically about the filler injection process and the cost of implementation. With many years of experience and high skills, doctors in Asia and Europe can accurately calculate the amount of filler to be injected to bring out a sexy and seductive heart-shaped lip.

Contact Info:

  • Address: No. 32D Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Phone number: 028 3 8274 530 – 028 3 8241 285 – 0902 400 269 – 0906 82 70 70
  • Website: benhvienaau.vn


Ngo Mong Hung Cosmetology

Ngo Mong Hung Beauty Salon is one of the prestigious and quality beauty salons in Ho Chi Minh City. The hospital offers a variety of services, transparency in costs, commitment to quality and long-term warranties. In addition, the hospital is also chosen by customers by the name of Aesthetic Doctor Ngo Mong Hung – a plastic surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience, high skills and good aesthetic eyes.

Ngo Mong Hung Aesthetics stands out with facial cosmetic services such as Korean eyelid press, nose lift, chin implant, gummy smile treatment and lip pump. Lip pump service here is suitable for both men and women, and is directly examined and performed by Dr. Ngo Mong Hung. After the consultation, the doctor will use filler injected directly into the lips to create a sexy, full and balanced lip shape.

where to get lip injections in tphcm
Ngo Mong Hung Aesthetic – The address of a professional and beautiful lip pump in Ho Chi Minh City

With many years of experience, Dr. Ngo Mong Hung is proficient in measuring proportions, determining the amount of filler and injecting filler quickly but still ensuring safety and high aesthetic effect. After only 10-15 minutes, customers will immediately own full, sexy lips and absolutely no downtime.

In addition to lip injection services, Ngo Mong Hung Aesthetics also offers many other cosmetic lip solutions such as thin lips, smiley lip surgery, lip shaping and heart lip surgery. The services here are publicly priced, committed to not incur any costs in the process of consultation, aesthetics and recurrence.

Lip pump price list at Ngo Mong Hung Beauty Salon:

  • Doing it here costs 12-20 million VND depending on the case

Contact Info:

  • Address: No. 219 – 221 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ward 5, District 3
  • Hotline: 093 300 1300 – 028 3932 7777 – 028 3932 2222
  • Website: thammyngomonghung.vn


Thu Cuc Saigon – Professional lip injection facility in Ho Chi Minh City

Thu Cuc Saigon is a beautiful and professional lip pump address in the Saigon area. Owning a team of doctors, qualified experts and modern machinery and equipment, Thu Cuc Saigon promises to bring women comprehensive and optimal cosmetic solutions. Therefore, Thu Cuc is chosen by many women when there is a need to pump lips.

Thu Cuc performs lip fillers by two methods: filler injection and autologous fat injection. The fillers used by Thu Cuc Saigon are famous brands such as Juvederm and Restylane. Fillers of these brands have been tested by the US FDA and the Ministry of Health for safety for health. Depending on the defects and thinness of the lips, the doctors at Thu Cuc Saigon will consider the appropriate type and dose of filler to bring about high aesthetic effect.

where to get lip injections in tphcm
Customers coming to Thu Cuc Saigon will be examined and consulted specifically before cosmetic intervention

For customers who are concerned about artificial materials, Thu Cuc Saigon offers a solution to fill lips with autologous fat transfer. This method uses healthy fat cells with high compatibility and absolute safety. In addition, autologous fat injection also has a rejuvenating effect on the lip area and has a longer lasting effect than filler injection. Fat tissue will be taken from the waist, biceps, then extracted and injected directly into the lower lip, upper lip.

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic technique, but requires a highly skilled doctor to ensure that the lips are moderately thick, balanced and sexy. In addition, Thu Cuc Saigon also provides women with other cosmetic lip services such as lip spray, smiley lip surgery, heart lip cut, pomegranate lip cut, etc. All these services are performed. performed under sterile conditions, ensuring safety, no complications.

Lip pump price list at Thu Cuc Saigon:

  • Filling lips with filler injection costs 10-14 million VND/cc
  • Lip injections by autologous fat grafting cost from 15 to 20 million VND

Contact Info:

  • Address: No. 55A Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 11, District 10, HCMC
  • Phone number: 1900 1920 – 0964 080 999
  • Website: thucucsaigon.vn


Beauty Center By Plate – Beauty Center By Plate

Tam Beauty Salon is a new beauty system operating in recent years but has affirmed its name through many quality and exclusive services. Beauty Center By Tam owns a team of experts, leading doctors along with extremely modern machines and equipment. In addition, Plate is also chosen by many customers because of its reasonable and transparent service costs.

Unlike other beauty salons in the area, Sheet Beauty Salon can shape lips by injecting fillers (fillers). Coming to Beauty Center By Tam, customers can adjust the shape of western lips (tough lips), heart lips, swallow wings, round lips and smiling lips.

With a team of highly skilled doctors, lip fillers at Tam not only bring full, sexy lips but also help shape lips without surgical intervention. This is the special point that makes Beauty Center By Tam highly appreciated and chosen by many customers.

prestigious lip pump in HCMC
Beauty Center By Plate can create many lip shapes with filler without surgery

Lip pump price list at Tam Beauty Salon – Beauty Center By Tam:

  • Lip filler costs 8 million VND

Contact Info:

  • Address: No. 112 De Tham Street, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Phone number: 0966 080 638
  • Website: thammyvientam.com
  • Working time: Monday – Saturday (9:00 – 19:00) and Sunday (13:00 – 19:00)

Above is information about 6 reputable and professional lip pump addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. Before making a choice, readers should learn more about the cost, implementation process and some related issues via the website or hotline provided in the article.


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