Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It knows when to close™— Keep your cool all day with the spill-proof AUTOSEAL® Chill. Whether you’re running around town or on the treadmill, your water will stay cold up to 28 hours, thanks to Thermalock™ vacuum insulation. Just press to sip and release to seal automatically, using the spout cover to help protect against dirt and germs when you’re finished hydrating. Now, that’s cool.

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  1. I love these. Simple, easy to clean, hansom.>>> I have the larger size black one that the anodizing started to rub off so four stars on material quality but still works perfect. One hint: when you screw on the top have the valve open, otherwise you pressurize contents and it sprays out as a fine vapor when opened it to drink.