Finally A Failure?-Ozark Trail 1 Gal Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Jug

Finally A Failure?- Ozark Trail 1 Gal Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Jug A failure for real? You may ask, but truthfully at that exact moment in time when I need that water…well the product held it’s true form and kept that ice frozen but left me Hotter Than A Fully Cooked Steak…lol.

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  1. Let me expose this company and this jug in a few words. This is the best stainless jug I’ve ever owned. I just purchased four more this evening. Buy it!!

  2. Video Summary: Guy fills bottle with ice and expects it to melt after being in the hot heat for hours. Ice does not melt and he is disappointed.

    Add water to the bottle next time. lmao.

  3. I've been looking for verification that these OT bottles are made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel. I have 4 of the 64 oz ones and want to make sure they are safe for drinking water. thanks!

  4. What about the lids supposedly having a defect where water can be trapped in them? If you take your kid off shake it and see if you can hear liquid in it, apparently the spout is not sealed correctly leading to the lid filling with water

  5. Ernest P. Worrell…the water jug man!! I'm kidding, I carry one of these for work, and have for a few years now. After about two years the plastic lever on top gave out on the first one that I bought from all the opening and closing, but I saved a little money by buying a two pack after that from the Walmart website. Keeps my water cold for days!!!

  6. I need a new bottle for work. I spent around $50 on a coldest water bottle not even 2 years ago its already beat up . I figure get another one of these since I had one in the past the 64 oz one was about $15. Thanks for the review

  7. I have one of those Ozark trail jugs but it's not exactly the one I wanted the one I wanted was the RTIC jug but because it was hard to find I gave up on it and bought an Ozark trail jug instead

  8. I have 2 of those. I got them on clearance at walmart, for half price. ($15 each)
    They work great, and are just as this video described. They will keep cold for days.
    And as this video described, do not expect ice alone to melt within several hours to a day.
    The best thing to do is to fill it completely with ice, and then add water to that until it is almost full of water and ice.
    Doing that, the water can stay cold for upwards of a week, depending on how much you drink and how hot it is outside.

  9. I bought the Yeti from REI and I just discovered this one at Walmart. I could have bought 4 of the Ozarks for the same price. What I like about my Yeti, besides the long ice retention, is that it's big enough to fit 4 12 oz cans.

  10. Florida Boy here…appreciate the review. I saw this at my trip to Walmart tonight Gallon was $29.74 & Half Gallon $18.74. Previously bought all my tumblers from RTIC cause half the price of Yeti but this is even better. Glad its reliable I’ll pick one up after your review

  11. My Son, has one of those and I had wondered how well they work. Good to hear some products still live up to their quality.. I like OT products, but they are hit and miss..this one looks like a hit!
    Prayers to you and Your Family Brother!

  12. If you would have had a package of that freeze dried water you could have added that. Thank you for the video, Mart. Stay safe and stay cool