How To Fix Dents On A Bentley Without Painting | Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal Process, Repairing 2 Complex Dents On A Bentley GT Continental SPEED…

“Once i’d stripped the car I was WORRIED that I couldn’t save the DENT”

In this video, I showcase the incredible skill and precision of paintless dent removal on two complex dents located on an aluminum front wing (fender) panel. But it wasn’t that simple because i had to remove the wing, front door, and headlight to carry out the repairs, making this process a true testament to my skillset. Witness the transformation of these two challenging dents and see how I was able to restore the vehicle to its original condition without any damage to the paint.
This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the art of (PDR) paintless dent removal and the level of skill required to execute these repairs flawlessly.

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I hope you can take away some information from this if your a new dent technician or really interested in the job.
If your a potential customer looking for an accountable technician then I hope you are happy with how we operate, you can see our many repairs and this will give you the peace of mind when booking your repair in. We repair many customers vehicles up and down the country, we are in Beverley and we set aside all the time in the world and look after you if you travel to us.

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is a method of removing minor dings and dents from the vehicle bodywork without the need for filler and paintwork. This is a highly skilled process in which the dent(s) is massaged from the rear of the panel or sometimes from the front using glue pulling methods.

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*99% Isopropryl for removing the glue.
*Circular inspection board for quality control.

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—————— Chapters—————-

00:00 intro
01:00 The first dent repair
01:45 Start to fix the dent with Glue
04:38 Finishing the dent with bars
05:49 Inspect Panel for access
06:52 Removing the front wing panel
09:48 Removing the front door
11:19 Remove the wing (continued)
11:59 Headlight removal
12:49 Starting the second dent repair
14:15 Why is Aluminium harder than steel
16:26 Re applying the E coat
16:48 Rebuilding the Bentley
18:44 The finished repairs
19:31 Thanks for watching
19:42 End screen

We used GT Shines Quick ceramic coating on the Bentley wing once it was repaired and washed! This product is super easy to use and man! It made that panel extremely glossy, not only that but it will protect the paint for months
Grab yours at

When you order please use the discount code MARTINSADLER and claim your 10% off! when ordering

Repaired, Edited by Martin Sadler
Filmed by Martin Sadler and assisted by Alastair Robertson & Chris Horner
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See you soon
Martin Sadler

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  1. Martin, that repair amazed me, if i had not seen it step by step i would honestly have thought the wing had been replaced with a brand new one and painted.

  2. Well you certainly have the hang of bending Bentleys back in shape. You can come and do mine…when I buy one and get it bent.
    A fantastic result !
    If this was my car then you'll be pleased to know that it's good enough for me. My only question is why didn't this Bentley need a rigorous 10,000 Road test. High 5s all round.

  3. احسن pdr على واجه الارض ان من الجزائر واتمنا من الله ان يجمعني واراك امامي انشاء الله لايوجد في عالم احسن منك في هذا العمل ارجو من الله ان يوفقك في عملك وان اصبح مثلك في مجال pdr

  4. Martin, that was one of the most intense R&Is ive ever seen.
    Not sure if I would have even tried because of the liability, so good on you.
    Guys in some of my body shop accounts joke about me using cardboard to keep track of where the screws and bolts go, these are also the same guys that put all the bolts in a paint can and have 4 or 5 left over and still send the car away “completed”.
    So sketchy it would keep me awake.
    Great great great repair bud.

  5. Great watch and fab repair to keep the cars original paint.

    Off this video topic… but have you footage to show examples of when PDR isn’t possible? Its good to also understand when a limit of dent has been exceeded beyond repair. People think PDR can fix everything… but realistically some cant be saved, even if it looks mild.

  6. and again another great vid Martin absolutely enjoy your content being watching your vids for a few years now and never get bored watching them

  7. great job martin i think you missed washing and polishing my car when you took the dents out i will drop it of for you to clean it later lol

  8. Excellent work … perfection …. You have a dream workshop is the best PDR workshop that I've seen … Greetings from Medellin Colombia …. Jose

  9. Огромный привет из Узбекистана Мартин брать просто у тебя золотые руки очень грамотная работа