How to Make Balloons Shiny | Shine Spray Review and Comparison

In this video we’re talking all about how to keep your balloons nice and shiny. If your balloons are turning dull after time or exposure to heat, we’ll show you how to prevent it!

We also purchased several different shine sprays and will put them to the test, both indoors and outdoors to see which one performs the best!

00:00 What is a balloon shine spray for?
00:38 How to make balloons shiny with a shine spray
02:31 Testing different balloon shine spray brands
06:20 Testing different balloon shine spray brands outdoors
07:32 Final thought and recommendations

Materials used in this video:
Ultra fine mist bottle –
Balloon Shine –
Hi-Shine –
Balloon Glow –
Tire Shine –

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  1. Hi, you are doing a great work explaining all these decorations – thank you so much for that –
    I do have a question: can you please tell me if stands are Plastic pipes or Metal ? what material is it ?

  2. Hi, thanks for this video. Im looking into trying the balloon glow spray for an outdoor balloon garland. Should I spray balloons before taking them outdoors or it doesn’t matter. Thanks.

  3. Use hair spray , it's the best
    Not greasy, and the balloons will shine, actually it has smooth distribution, especially the chrome balloons that are sometimes hard to shine without looking grease, at least this is my experience
    It could be regular hair spray or ultra spray and it's not soooo expensive
    Thank you for sharing
    Jacky's Balloons from Puerto Rico

  4. I use Hi-Shine and love the way my balloons look afterward. I do however agree that the product is very greasy and I would suggest avoid spraying it on tile/wood floors as it can become very slippery