Hydro Flask Food Jar Hot And Cold Test

This is a video review and test of the Hydroflask food jar. In this video, I put ice in the Hydro flask 20 ounce food jar and see how long it takes to melt, and I also put boiling water in the Hydroflask food jar to see how long it stays hot. If you want to know how good the Hydro Flask food jar is at keeping things hot and cold, watch this video and you’ll find out. Is the Hydroflask food jar the best food jar you can buy? According to this test, it is not. There are better and cheaper options available. I was very disappointed at the results of the test that I performed on the 20 ounce Hydroflask food jar. It is not very good at keeping hot things hot or cold things cold. If you are looking for an insulated food jar, here are a couple of good ones that are lower priced and work much better.
Here are links to some better food jars that perform much better at retaining heat and cold then the Hydro flask food jar dust.

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