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Discover the Pandora Jewellery Cleaning Set and follow our simple guide to keep your jewellery shining here:

Follow our simple but important steps to keep your Pandora jewellery clean, shiny and looking its best for a long time.

How often should you clean jewellery? Here we answer some helpful answers to your questions about keeping your sterling silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine jewellery looking as good as new for years to come.

First of all, make sure you store different metals individually and keep your jewellery in pouches or boxes with inserts, so the chains don’t get tangled. Also, remember to put your jewellery on after your clothes, make-up and any perfume and skincare products in order to avoid any discolouration.

Remember to always take off all of your jewellery when showering, bathing, playing sports or swimming – and make sure you remove your rings while cooking and washing your hands. Jewellery isn’t meant to be worn 24/7, so keep your favourite pieces on rotation to prolong their lifespan.

There are also a few environments and products you should avoid when it comes to your pieces. Try to keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight, extreme cold and dampness. Don’t use toothpaste or harsh abrasive products when cleaning it and avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, which may cause damage.

Why does jewellery tarnish? When silver is exposed to air over a longer period of time, it is likely to oxidise and turn a darker colour. Don’t worry though, this is absolutely normal. To restore its original look, just use the Pandora Jewellery Cleaning Set to get your favourites looking bright and shiny again. Simply place your ring, bracelet, necklace or charm in the gentle cleaning solution for a few minutes and after you take it out, use the small brush to loosen any dirt. Next, dry and buff it with the white side of the polishing cloth – it is infused with a gentle cleaning solution that’s specifically formulated for sterling silver. For plated metals, such as Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine, use the untreated side of the polishing cloth. That’s it! Your Pandora jewellery will look just like new.

Do you know where to buy jewellery cleaner? Our cleaning set is available both instore and online, so just remember to buy it next time you’re purchasing your new styles. Also remember that with Pandora’s Jewellery Cleaning Set, you can clean all types of jewellery and metals with or without stones, crystals, enamel and pearls.

How often should you clean jewellery? We recommend having your pieces checked by a jeweller once a year. If you’re looking for where to get rings cleaned or where to get jewellery cleaned, remember that your local Pandora store is also where you can go for professional cleaning and to check stone settings.

If you’re looking for where to buy jewellery, like the adorable Bella Bot charm featured in this video, you can discover hand-finished pieces for every style on our website or your nearest Pandora store.

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  1. I popped my bracelet and charms in the cleaning solution however I forgot to rinse them in water afterwards, will it ruin my jewellery?

  2. Thanks for your sharing the Jewelry Cleaner. We are very pround of manufacturing cleaner for Pandora Jewelry. Hope people like it to clean their Pandora Jewelry, Natural Cleaner makes your Jewelry continuous shining.

  3. i have a bracelet full of old charms that are very dirty which has been passed down by a relative who wore it all the time and also worked as a cleaner. I have charms like the angel fish that has blue eyes and the red apple that's made out of gemstones, i have been scared to clean them with anything with the thought of making them discoloured so i wanted to know if the solution may change them in any way especially the ones that have gems on them, thanks!

  4. The pink side is for more delicate plated pieces. But if I don't have plated charms, and all of mine are silver, can I use the pink side for the silver too? Like if I run out of the white sides? Will the pink side harm it?

  5. 1-first soak in solution
    2-brush the bracelet and charms
    3-then rinse all in lukeworm water
    4- clean with tissue
    5- finally use pandora clothing

    Did I get it all right?

  6. It worked wonderfully on my Pandora that had turned almost completely dark, couldn't believe my eyes! However now all the dark remained on the polishing cloth… so I'm wondering how I should wash the cloth?