Keeping Water On The Outside of The Boat! (Sailing SV Sarean) EP. 12

Ever heard the number one rule in sailing ‘Keep The Water On The Outside Of The Boat’?! In this weeks episode we fix a major issue that has been plaguing us. It’s a big job and one we have been putting off, however with blue water and green waves soon to be swirling along our decks – we need to get this fix sorted!

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We are an adventurous couple who live an alternative life – a life at sea. We feel better connected when we are sailing. We live simpler and have less impact on the environment. We take the time to immerse ourselves in different cultures, meet amazing people and experience what the oceans and our planet have to offer.

So come aboard and follow our adventures as we sail and explore our beautiful planet!

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  1. no engine no pipes or plumbing that allows water to get in/just storage an full of sprayed in foam…see how water has quietly been getting in an causing mildew/damage..thers gotta be a better way to build waterproof unsinkable boats..

  2. I've had the same leaks but the water wasn't coming down the bolt holes it was from condensation dripping off every metal fitting that came through the fiberglass deck.. to stop it I had to glue foam rubber over every metal fitting to stop the condensation dripping like rain wich worked great…

  3. After all that, you two need a VACATION !!!  Lots of work and skillfully done.  Saved yourself about 3K in labor cost ?,  maybe more.    Now it's time for scuba diving and BBQ fish on the grill with a COLD BEER.  Great video and it's no wonder Meg is smiling all the time, she has a really great Captain.  Stay healthy and enjoy.      signed :    Envious in Palm Beach.

  4. You are marvels congratulations on a mighty big job. You have climbed a big ladder in my books. And in so doing saved many thousands of $,s in pro repairs, although watching Darren do the work I think he may have exceeded the pro repair specifications, well done my friend. You have both done very well in fact better than very well, perfect job. Happy sailing from your friends at Noosa.

  5. I miss spelled your boats name. Rerets.
    Its my spell check.
    "Sarean" the quotes got it. Her hull to deck is , mechanically fastened. That is correct on a superbly built boat. Is she really 30 years old? Given that fair enough. Of boats this is one of the finest.

  6. On you go with an outstanding attitude and attention to detail. You guys love Saran which you clearly show. I have set heavy jumper cables from a chain plate to the water to ground a hit should the boat take one?

  7. "Like a rat in a cage" a wise man once said. Darren reminds us all of what you can do 'on the water' without 'hauling out' on land! He also uses the 6-P's = Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance……Rest that neck, your videos are too good to miss. FWAFS…

  8. Wow, 39 days! That is quite some endurance you guys showed here and smiling all the way. Very inspiring stuff. Respect for sticking with it and fixing all the leaks. It should last for a long time. Sailing is not always about sunshine and sandy beaches, as you mentioned! I wish you fair winds and save sailing! I hope you neck problems will soon be fixed as well! Happy New Year, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  9. Do it once and do it right… You guys are spot on! There are lessons here for all would be sailors.

    I recently watched auto body 'bondo' being used to patch holes in a bulkhead. What a sad mistake!

  10. I worked in the sailboat manufacturing industry for 16 years. Our earlier boats had lots of deck leaks because we used a linseed oil based bedding compound. Later we switched to a polysulfide bedding compound which worked very well. Thinking to upgrade we went to a polyurethane compound, of which Sikaflex is, according to their spec sheet on the net. We used 3m5200. This proved to be a disaster because, tho it was a great sealant, the bonding properties were so strong that when we had to move a piece of deck hardware due to a customer spec change the bond was so strong that it would tear the fiberglass laminate off of the deck when we tried to remove the hardware. Ultimately we went back to the polysulfide sealant which provides an excellent long lasting flexible seal and allows for removal of the hardware for future changes.

  11. Do you not have glow plugs on your engine that have to be heated up before the engine is started? Even in 100 degree weather, I need to do that, or the engine won't start. I can't see a timer working on mine.

  12. That's quite a bit of work your doing but when it has to be done, it has to be done. Better to go the extra mile now then have to go back and do it again, smart thinking!

  13. With all the water damage I would be concerned about the structural integrity of the hull to deck join, could be an opportune  time to glass the inside of the deck joint with a couple of layers of 600gsm double bias.

  14. Hopefully stainless backing plates.
    You know they say ….in for an ounce in for a pound.
    You must have known you were opening a can of worms doing this work……good luck….
    The butyl product mentioned before is a long lasting product better then silicone.

  15. Huge respect guys!!!! So much to do and having problems compound on the way! Kudos for your skills and patience. Your happy ethos is wonderful and you could be forgiven for losing the plot on repair jobs! Hah hah. A well maintained vessel is always a joy and makes it reliable especially if your planing ahead for some ocean cruising. great fun to watch.

  16. Your approach is correct as these kind of jobs are best tackled 'in manageable stages'.  They're far too large to 'take on' in one go. Toe rail refurbishment alone is a massive project, particularly when 'on the water', so well done. Your relief is very evident and fully justified.

  17. Hay guys great effort on the work around the boat you made a large saving doing it your self   about $ 100  dollars an hour including GST . there is a blog called( boat works today)in the USA well worth looking up  I have learnt lots from the blog about fibre glassing  and containing the dust by using a power file and a vacuum . Dust in a boat really sucks . Now the work  is done its time to play with the beachers and palm trees  the glossy magazines rave about  . Fair winds  MV Joy-C

  18. Another great vid really enjoyed it i feel it’s really important if yr able to do repairs yr self at lease then you know it’s done to a good standard along 38 days but now it’s done nice job