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If you feel lack of confidence because your skin appears melasma, then together with Bach Khoa GREEN, list 8 best Japanese melasma creams, suitable for women’s skin.

Melasma is caused by brown spots or patches appearing on the surface of the skin, which greatly affects aesthetics, especially women. To prevent and treat melasma, Bach Khoa XANH will introduce the following 8 best Japanese melasma creams.

firstShiseido Haku melasma cream

Shiseido Haku melasma cream of JapanShiseido Haku melasma cream of Japan

Japan’s Shiseido Haku melasma cream is a product of Shiseido – Japan, a company with more than 140 years of history in skin care. Shiseido Haku melasma cream suitable for all skin types and Best for women with melasma after giving birth.

Main ingredient

  • M – Tranexamic Acid: An amino acid that inhibits plasmin – an enzyme that causes inflammation on the skin and works to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • 4MSK: Helps prevent the production of melanin – caused by the action of UV rays to form and prevent spreading to uneven skin tone and skin tone.
  • Essence of vitamin E and vitamin C: Helps to increase moisture and anti-oxidant skin.


  • Improve uneven skin tone: Specializes in treating dark spots on the skin such as melasma, freckles, age spots and fading brown spots on the face.
  • Anti-aging and provides skin moisture.
  • Make skin brighter and whiter.
  • Restores and protects skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Reference price

Shiseido Haku melasma cream has price is about 1,550,000 VND / tube 45g. Besides, Shiseido Haku melasma cream sells replacement cores price 1,450,000 VND / 45g.

2Transino melasma cream

Transino melasma cream of JapanTransino melasma cream of Japan

Transino Japanese melasma cream is a good Japanese melasma cream line, trusted by many Vietnamese women. This is the product of Transino company – Japan. Transino melasma cream from Japan Suitable for all skin types with pigmentation and age from 15 to 50 years old.

Main ingredient

  • Tranexamic acid: Works to improve skin pigmentation to be whiter and reduce redness on the skin very well.
  • Vitamins B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin C: Has the effect of promoting the production of collagen, creating a healthy, fresh, white skin and helping to fade dark spots and scars.
  • Other ingredients such as: Mulberry extract, D-Ca Panteteinsuruhon acid, trehalose sulfate Na, … has the effect of nourishing skin cells, helping healthy cells not be discolored by UV and UVB rays..


  • Fades dark spots caused by melasma, freckles, brown spotsespecially melasma, deep melasma, melasma after birth thanks to the inhibition of the production of melanin, pigments in the skin.
  • Make skin bright and soft: Thanks to the nourishing nutrients, replenishing nutrients, moisturizing the skin soft, bright white.
  • Protects skin from harmful external factors.

Reference price: About 950,000 – 1,600,000 VND/box of 50g.

3SK-II Whitening Source Derm Brightener Cream

SK-II whitening source derm brightener cream from JapanSK-II whitening source derm brightener cream from Japan

SK-II Whitening Source Derm Brightener cream is a product of SK-II company – Japan.

SK-II Whitening Source Serm Brightener with whitening formula is created to Addresses skin problems associated with UV exposure, to help you regain the clear look of your skin. Addition reduce dark spots by providing nutrients to the skin.

SK-II Whitening Source Serm Brightener cream for all skin types with pigmentation, Best for women after 40 years old melasma due to aging.

Main ingredient

  • Cyclopentasiloxane: has the effect of creating shine and making the skin smoother.
  • Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate: is a yeast from sake, has antioxidant capacity and enhances the production of Hyaluronan in epidermal cells. The increased amount of HA on the skin equates to a more hydrated, plumper and healthier skin.
  • Other ingredients such as: Glycerin, Aqua (Water), Polyethylene, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate,,….It has the effect of removing melanin pigment, making the skin whiter and brighter.


  • Prevents aging, protects the skin from the effects of the aging process.
  • Moisturizing, acne control helps smooth, youthful skin.
  • Creates a protective film on the skin against other external agents such as dirt, sunlight, ..

Reference price: About 3,000,000 VND/box of 75g.

4SK II Genoptics Spot Essence Serum

SK II Genoptics Spot Essence melasma serum from JapanSK II Genoptics Spot Essence melasma serum from Japan

Melasma cream SK II Genoptics Spot Essence melasma serum is a product of SK-II company – Japan.

The new generation SK II Genoptics Spot Essence melasma serum with SK-II’s exclusive Genetic technology has the ability to penetrate deep into the bottom layer of the epidermis, blocking the source of melanin production, eliminating brown spots even when they don’t show up.

SK II Genoptics Spot Essence melasma serum from Japan Used for all skin types with pigmentation from 18-55 years old melasma due to aging.

Main ingredient

  • Pitera: Has the effect of blurring melasma, freckles, dark skin pigmentation, minimizing brown spots, freckles, dark acne.
  • Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate: Has antioxidant effect, prevents and improves wrinkles on the skin, makes the skin stretchy and bright.
  • Niacinamide: Has the effect of increasing the immunity of the skin,
  • Butylene Glycol: Retains moisture and retains water for the skin, helping the skin to resist water loss caused by UV rays.
  • Cyclopentasiloxane: Produces dry, smooth and silky skin.


  • Fades dark spots, old freckles and prevents new spots from appearing.
  • Treat melasma and freckles effectively, without recurrence of the condition.
  • Protects the skin under the influence of sunlight as well as other bad effects from the skin environment, often directly affected.
  • Keeps skin firm and healthy: The product contains skin-moisturizing ingredients, good elasticity.

Reference price: About 3,600,000 VND/50 ml.

5Kobayashi melasma cream

Kobayashi melasma cream of JapanKobayashi melasma cream of Japan

Kobayashi melasma cream is a product of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company of Japan.

Kobayashi melasma cream contains vitamin E to help blood circulation to prevent skin stains, freckles, bad skin, cracked skin, heat rash, frostbite, rough skin, cracks, pimples, sunburn, used for Melasma skin types from 15-50 years old

Main ingredient

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E: Helps prevent the formation of melanin pigments in skin cells and increase blood circulation, helping skin cells receive nutrients from the blood to feed cells, making the skin more glossy and smooth.
  • The glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl, 2 Gurukoshido ascorbic acid L, acetate tocopherol: Helps to whiten the skin, restore the damage of skin cells and also have the effect of shrinking pores, making the skin less dusty and smoother.
  • Other ingredients: Oil-soluble licorice extract – ethylhexyl ether, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, evening primrose, soybean, gentian… Natural origin helps to reduce pigmentation on the skin, reduce swelling caused by the impact of the environment on the skin and make the skin firm and healthy.


  • Supports the treatment of dark spots, melasma, freckles.
  • Helps you prevent acne, freckles, sunburn, while moisturizing the skin, shrinking pores.

Reference price: About 250,000 VND / 12g tube.

6Rohto’s Vitamin C Serum

Japan Rohto Vitamin C SerumJapan Rohto Vitamin C Serum

Rohto’s Vitamin C Serum is the product of Rohto company, Japan – a leading Japanese company specializing in beauty and health care for everyone. With the spirit: “All for a healthier and more beautiful Vietnam, both mentally and physically”, Rohto company constantly researches and develops skin care products and treatment of skin diseases for women and girls. both for men, including. Serum Vitamin C for all skin types with pigmentation, Best for women after 40 years of age with melasma due to darkening of the skin, melasma.

Main ingredient

  • Main component: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol acetate ester (vitamin E)has the effect of preventing the formation of melanin pigments and making the skin smoother, anti-aging skin.
  • Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, isopropyl methylphenol.
  • Other ingredients: Vitamin C tetraisopalmitate diglycol ethoxy palmitate recalls, polyoxyethylene cure castor oil 50, BG, edetic acid, viscosity adjustment agents, flavoring.


  • It has a good effect in erasing dark spots left by acne.
  • Brighten, even skin tone, treat melasma, brown spots and freckles.
  • Prevent acne, rash.
  • Keeps skin clean, rich and healthy.

Reference price: About 250,000 VND / 20ml tube.

7Kracie Shimi Ace Ax Cream for Melasma

Kracie Shimi Ace Ax Melasma Cream from JapanKracie Shimi Ace Ax Melasma Cream from Japan

Cream for melasma shimi ACE AX 30g from Kracie Japan brand. Coming from long-standing and famous Kanebo brand, Kracie inherits inventions, inventions and production technologies that best serve the needs of mass consumers. Cream for melasma shimi ACE AX Suitable for all skin types from 30-50 years old.

Main ingredient

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E: Has the effect of inhibiting the synthesis of melanin that causes darkening of the skin, thereby helping to fade dark spots and melasma. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory effects and vitamin A helps increase collagen production, making the skin smoother.
  • Ascorbic Acid 2-glucoside, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, tocopheryl nicotinate, retinyl palmitate: It has the effect of providing moisturizers, providing anti-aging substances to the skin, helping to keep the skin smooth and whiter.
  • Nelumbo nucifera: Seeds fermented filtrate have antibacterial, antioxidant, moisturizing and hygroscopic effects for the skin.


  • Makes skin smooth and bright.
  • Helps tighten pores.
  • Fades dark spots, melasma.

Reference price: About 250,000 VND / 30g tube.

8H2 Melasma Cream

Japanese H2 melasma creamJapanese H2 melasma cream

H2 melasma treatment is a Japanese domestic cosmetic of BC-Link company. As a product line Special treatment for melasma, freckles intensively only from 15 days onwards You will see a noticeable change in your skin.

H2 melasma treatment Suitable for all skin types from 30-50 years old.

Main ingredient

  • Vitamin E: Effective in improving skin pigmentation disorders such as melasma, dark spots, dark spots, freckles.
  • Coenzyme Q10 and produces hydrogen When applying the cream, it makes the skin soft and smooth, gradually eliminated through sweat when used twice a day.


  • Fades dark spots, freckles, helps even skin tone.
  • Prevents melasma from deep within for up to 8 hours each time applied to the skin.
  • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of pigmentation, darkening from the environment effectively.

Reference price: About 250,000 VND/10g.

Above are the top 8 best Japanese melasma creams, suitable for Southeast Asian women’s skin to help them treat skin problems such as melasma, dark spots, dryness or wrinkles that worsen their image. women, causing loss of confidence when going to crowded places. Bach Khoa GREEN wishes you to find the best melasma cream for yourself.

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