Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole

Lewis Pugh talks about his record-breaking swim across the North Pole. He braved the icy waters (in a Speedo) to highlight the melting icecap. Watch for astonishing footage — and some blunt commentary on the realities of supercold-water swims.

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  1. Lewis made the swim in the middle of July. That's the middle of Summer in the northern hemisphere, hence the lack of solid ice cap.
    Still needed an icebreaker to get there in the middle of summer.

  2. I'm still on edge when it comes to climate change / global warming or whatever it's called nowadays but I'm shocked this doesn't have one million views

  3. SO inspiring, Lewis. Huge plaudits to you and the fine work you're doing. As someone who loves swimming in cold water, I can barely imagine how you survived. Bowing to you.

  4. Beware; this man is a shill. I say 'man' but he is most likely a military clone which is why they can toss him in freezing cold water and whip up a new one to replace the frozen vegetable left in its place. Disinformation all over the place. First of all, British have never detonated a nuke. Nuclear weapons do not exist. You do not see gigantic mushroom clouds of unburnt hydrocarbons from the pure heat of atomic fission.

    Second of all, there is no such thing as global warming. The 'powers' that be want to use carbon emissions as a new form of currency which would require a global regulatory agency which is simply a step toward a one world government or "New World Order" as they so fondly like to say.

    Wake up people. Open your eyes. "TAEEKH OFF DUH GOGGOLZ TAEEK DEM OFF"

  5. I have not filed for patents, nor do I want to until the final configuration is engineered. If I file, some guy in China will just copy it.