Mike & ST Review The Ozark Trail From Walmart

The Ozark Trail was purchased by us from
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  1. I have the bigger size version. I can fill it with ice add one can of soda and when I go 12 hours or longer the soda is still code 95% of the ice is still in cube form and best of all the soda tastes and bubbles as if I just poured it. This thing is incredible. I can't believe something with a plastic-ish lid and a cup made of metal can preserve my drinks the way this one does. I have gone 24 hours already and the only difference was just a little bit more melting of the ice but it still bubbles up, is ice cold and tastes like the drink is supposed to. Black Magic I tell you.

  2. Such a genuine, easy-to-watch review~ MY GOD! I was dying, laughing, watching this-SERIOUSLY! My favorite part was the '5hrs after'. You guys started to review the cups &, it seems that at the same time, while talking about it, you started to realize how many similarities (or terms) ecig tanks & those cups had (brushed stainless finish, top cap, juice hole, o-ring quality-LOL!) Thank you for a quick, fun, entertaining watch!

  3. according to the check out chick, the 30 oz was 17 something and the 20 oz was 9 something. lol Great review though 🙂 thanks for doing it .