Our Review of Hydro Flask's Flex Chug Cap – New in 2022! (Shortened Video)

Hydro Flask just released a brand new cap in late 2022. It’s called the Flex Chug, and it’s Hydro Flask’s first true spout-style chug lid. We ordered one, and we have been testing it for a few days. We’ll let you know our initial impressions as well as what to expect if you’re thinking about buying one for yourself.

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Hydro Flask’s Flex Chug Lid
Not currently on Amazon (we’ll update this when it is), but you can buy it from Hydro Flask’s website.

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Link to our Video: Which Hydro Flask Lid is the Best? (before the Flex Chug)

What is Hydro Flask’s Flex Chug Cap
Is Hydro Flask’s Flex Chug Good?
Flex Chug Review
Hydro Flask Lids Review
Which Hydro Flask Lid is the Best
Hydro Flask Lids

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  1. Well well I'm so glad it's not attached all of my caps that are attached. I take off. I hate that thing trying to hit me in the head. I'm so happy that the chug is bigger. I hate the decaya bottles. The spout is way too small. I'm so glad! I think this lid is amazing. I don't think it looks like a wedding cake