Our Review of Hydro Flask's New Flex Straw Cap

Hydro Flask just released a new straw lid earlier this year. Here’s our review.

The Flex Straw Lid is available for purchase on Amazon (click the link below).

Try our FlavorFuze Straw fruit infuser:

For the infuser & a straw lid:

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  1. The spout is too easy to move. It needs a lock in place feature to keep it open just like they have one to keep it closed. If you put the slightest pressure on it it moves to a more upright position and then no liquid

  2. i have a old 32oz bottle, will this lid fit in the both the new and older generation or does that require an newer model?

  3. heyy, this might be a dumb question but if you order the cap is the straw normally included? im dutch and none of the sites that sell the cap here mention anything about the straw itself. so i was wondering if maybe the straw is sold separately?