Regular Tint vs Nano Ceramic Tint (+ Roof Wrap!) | VLOG

Welcome back to Texas Tint Masters YouTube channel! In this video, we’re giving this Nissan Z a makeover by stripping off the old regular tint and replacing it with the most advanced nano ceramic tint available today. We’ll also be showcasing a full roof gloss black wrap.

First, let’s talk about regular tint. While it’s great for privacy and making your windows darker, regular tint is not designed for heat protection. It doesn’t effectively control the temperature inside the cabin or keep your car cooler. In addition, the installation of regular tint often leaves much to be desired, with peeling corners and shifting tints.

To demonstrate the difference, we start by measuring the amount of heat passing through the regular tint. Using a heat lamp and a meter, we compare the heat levels before and after the tint replacement. It’s evident that regular tint allows a significant amount of heat to penetrate.

Next, we dive into nano ceramic tint, which provides superior heat protection. We show the installation process, highlighting the precautions taken to protect the electronics during the tinting process. The use of microfiber ropes and towels ensures that water doesn’t seep into sensitive areas.

Once installed, we conduct the heat measurement test again, this time with the nano ceramic tint. The results are impressive, with the tint drastically reducing the heat transfer compared to regular tint. We also demonstrate a heat sheet test, showcasing how the ceramic tint blocks infrared light and filters out the heat.

Moving on, we showcase a full windshield tinted with ceramic tint, which is clear but highly effective at heat reduction. We compare the heat levels between the full windshield tint and the regular tint, highlighting the significant drop in heat with ceramic tint.

As a bonus, we add a gloss black roof wrap for a sleek and stylish look. This cosmetic enhancement adds to the overall appeal of the car.

In conclusion, nano ceramic tint is the ultimate choice for maximum heat protection. It effectively filters out infrared light, significantly reducing heat transfer and maintaining a cooler cabin temperature. Upgrade your car’s tint to nano ceramic for enhanced comfort and protection.

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Regular Tint Overview
1:42 Ceramic Tint Installation Preparations
3:13 Nano Ceramic Tint Benefits
6:27 Gloss Black Roof Wrap
7:18 Final Inspection and Conclusion
7:52 Outro

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  1. So glad I decided to spend the money on this. This was my first time getting ceramic on any vehicle I've owned. Got 35% all around and 70% on the windshield. This video absolutely validates everything I was told prior to getting it done, as well as my experience since then. Can't wait to experience this benefit in the summer!

  2. I also had a Crystalline tint on multiple Porsche, Lexus and MB since 2008 and they still look alike brand new and working great. 80 on windshield and 30 -15-15. For the future, I will do 70 windshield and and 25 all the way around and 15 or 10 on moonroof. it is ceramic but little different and it costs little more. 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic have many similarities but differ in the specific technology used to develop these high-quality films.

    Another difference to consider is that 3M Crystalline is typically more expensive than ceramic. The best option really depends on your needs. Both options are great, but if we were to pick the best of the best, 3M Crystalline would be the winner. It provides the highest heat protection and tons of other qualities.

  3. The Z's owner cheap out on the initial tint, probably got the $100 groupon deal. My tint doesn't look like that. Quality tint, professional installer is what you want. It's gonna cost more, but worth it on the long run.

  4. I have 20% nano ceramic all around ( sunroof too ) except the windshield is 70% ceramic ( was previously done ). All I have to say is in 90 degree heat with my ac at around 73 degrees I get cold! And the clarity, maaaaaaan!

  5. besides getting the best tint that you can afford, it's also extremely important to choose an experienced installer. I have a 1998 Mercedes AMG C43. Had tint installed on it in 2000. The guy took real good care and it was was totally worth it. He was more expensive than all the other quotes that I got, but after 22 years, the tint is still in absolutely perfect condition. (except for one corner in the rear window, caused by me when I tried to remove a cellular antenna from the glass)

  6. What you use for the front window of a truck. Or jeep all the windows have 2.5 % but what should I use for the front windshield to black it out but not to dark is there a tint that’s dark on one side and can see out like it’s day light even when it’s night time I seen one car done but I never asked the guy we’re he got it done hooding you guys can help thank you

  7. Ceramic film do cut out heat from hitting the interior of the car at the cost of the glass getting hotter, he did not measure the temperature of the glass Before & After. If it's not reflecting more hate it's absorbing it's one way or the other. I call ceramic films high performance heat absorbers and for that you get the privilege of paying more. IMHO….

  8. First question I’m asking my tint installer is what are you using to protect the electronics during windshield installation. His answer will tell me all I need to know. Thank you for saving my car.

  9. Anyone in the comment sections for the DFW and know of a place as good as this to put nano ceramic tint? Watching these videos makes me feel like no one else knows what they are doing lol.