Top 11 kính râm chống tia UV tốt nhất giúp bảo vệ đôi mắt hoàn hảo (mới)

When going out to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the body, we often apply sunscreen and wear thick clothes, but often forget to protect our eyes. So, let’s take a look at the top 11 best UV-blocking sunglasses that won’t harm your eyes!

So how harmful are UV rays and how are the types of sunscreen we are about to learn about the benefits and quality? Let’s have a look at the following content together!

firstWhat are UV rays?

UV rays are also known as ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet raysbecause sunlight emits electromagnetic waves of wavelength shorter visible light but longer than X-rays. UV rays are divided into 3 types according to wavelength:

What are UV rays?

UVA: Wavelength from 380 – 315nm

UVB: Wavelength from 315 – 280nm, is the ray that stimulates the metabolism of Melanin (skin pigment) to make the skin dark and dark.

UVC: Wavelength below 280nm, is a short beam with sterilization properties.

2Effects of UV rays on the eyes

Effects of UV rays on the eyes

UVA: is the ray with the longest wavelength, so the amount of ultraviolet radiation accounts for up to 97%. Regular exposure to this ray can lead to keratitis, cataracts, damage to the retina, and macular degeneration.

UVB: although there is a wavelength shorter than UVA rays But UVB rays still carry potential causes corneal diseases such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, pterygium.

UVC: although there is an ozone layer retained, but because the environment is currently being affected, the ozone layer becomes thinner, resulting in UVC rays still penetrating affect health People.

3What type of sunglasses should I choose for the best UV protection?

UV cut rate

In order to minimize UV ​​rays entering the eyes, the type of glasses used should have high UV cutting rate. Some UV-blocking sunglasses have a wavelength (nm) description of the UV that can be cut as symbol “UV+number”. Therefore, to know how much UV can be cut by that type of sunglasses, just look at the descriptive index of the lens to be able to choose.

For example, sunglasses have a UV400 index, which indicates that they are capable of cutting off all ultraviolet rays with wavelengths up to 400nm.

What type of sunglasses should I choose for the best UV protection?

Bright lenses

Dark sunglasses are often used to reduce glare, but the darkness of the sunglasses not proportional to the anti-ultraviolet performance. Therefore, choosing glasses with brighter colored lenses helps to increase the effectiveness of UV protection.

Lens with good coverage

Ultraviolet rays come not only from above, but also from reflections below the ground. To be safer, you should choose lenses has great coverage. Oval or butterfly shaped lenses are popular choices for while ensuring coverage and being fashionable at the same time.

4Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection

Vigcom Sunglasses

From Korean brand Vigcomthis unisex sunglasses is suitable for young people personality and strong.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Frames are made of alloy coated by layer high quality plastic outside, minimizing breakage and deformation after a long time of use.

– Capable of polarization, maximum restriction the phenomenon of glare when walking in the hot sun.

– Ray index UV400against UVB, UVA.

Reference price: 350,000 VND

TS Protective Anti-Blue-Ray Glasses . TS Protective Anti-Blue-Ray Glasses

Belongs to Xiaomi brandhas a design similar to contact lenses with lenses transparent and black framesuitable for those of you who do not like to wear dark sunglasses.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Lenses with 3 nanomaterialshelp prevent 35% blue light, reducing dry eyes, eyestrain when exposed to electronic screens, and also anti-glare and anti-glare to help see images more clearly.

– PEI frame has high heat resistance, preventing deformation, color fading.

– Index UV400against UVB, UVA 100%.

– Light weight, easy to wear.

Reference price: 450,000 VND

Polarized Sunglasses with UV Protection Pantino

Belongs to the polarized eyewear model of Pantino brand from Korea.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Glass frames made of special alloysuitable for all faces.

– Anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-drop.

– Strong protection against UVA and UVB rays.

– Price midrange easy to buy.

Reference price: 500,000 VND

Women’s Sunglasses Jubilant

Belongs to the Jubilant brand, exclusively and exclusively developed by AR Group JSC Vietnam – The leading eyewear distribution corporation in Vietnam.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Frames made from 100% Titaniumcombined with Acetate plastic layer, has high durability, and feels comfortable to use.

– Polycarbonate lenses, covered 8 layers UV protection meets international standards, and is resistant to glare and scratches.

– Design unique cut-out between border and weight, bringing elegance and youthfulness to women.

Reference price: 850,000 VND

Unisex Parim . Sunglasses

Belongs to the mid-range eyewear brand of Cheng Yi Optical Corporation, China. This is a large-scale, highly reputable manufacturer that has covered many countries, including Europe.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Round frame, thick black border, no glasses connecting the 2 nose pads like normal glasses, creating a feeling personality, outstanding for both men and women use.

– Anti-glare with UV protection up 99%.

– With Air7 . technologyhigh-quality materials help glass limit scratches, rust, deformation.

– Light weight, high heat resistance, good elasticity and no fading

Reference price: 880,000 VND

TS Polarized Sunglasses

Belongs to Xiaomi glasses brandClassic glasses, easy to coordinate with any outfit.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Nose pads soft rubberdoes not cause marks on the skin or create pressure when worn like ordinary plastic cushions.

– Glasses letter Zcan be changed in length, in accordance with the needs of the wearer

– In the polarizer 6 layersprevent 100% UVA, UVB rays, anti-scratch create clear, true vision

Reference price: 900,000 VND

Outdo Sport Eyewear Sports Sunglasses

Belongs to Outdo eyewear brand of Americawith specialized lines of glasses for outdoor sports, favored by professional athletes.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Impact-resistant lenses, preventing eye damage in the event of an accident.

– The small gap between the frame and the edge of the glasses allows breath to escape, avoids fogging, prevents internal heat accumulation Glass for all weather conditions.

– Nose pads easy to adjust Follows the wearer’s nose wave, preventing slipping when active or raining

– Glasses anti-slipwhich helps to keep behind the ear when active with a lot of sweat.

– UV400 index, blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

Reference price: 1,700,000 VND

Split Shot Sport Sunglasses

Belongs to the eyewear brand most famous and powerful in the world – Oakley, Italybased in the US.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Frames made from Acetate plastic and high-grade metalsuitable for professional athletes or when you participate in water sports.

– Lenses polarized HD with optical degree High HDOfor clear vision and impact resistance.

– Anti-slip nose pads, increase adhesion when sweating or wet, preventing slipping.

– Metal strap Removableprevent glasses from falling during vigorous exercise.

– Ray index UV400blocking both UVA and UVB rays and some harmful blue light.

Reference price: 4,600,000 VND

Sunglasses for Men Viale Piave 2.0 Sunglasses

Belongs to a fashion brand Italian luxury, Dolce & Gabbana. Viale Piave 2.0 glasses are suitable for men who love style strong personality.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Big, thick, unique, plated frame 18K gold shiny.

– The lenses are also gold plated and resistant to 100% UV rays, with anti-glare mirror coating.

– Nose pads can easy adjustmentsuitable for the height of the nose bridge of the wearer.

Reference price: 5,600,000 VND

Aviator Flash Lens Sunglasses . UV Protection Sunglasses

Belongs to Longstanding American eyewear brand, Rayban. With design unisex Suitable for both men and women to use.

Top 10 best UV-blocking sunglasses for perfect eye protection


– Design teardrop-shapedunisex, never out of fashion, suitable for both men and women to use.

– Lenses mirror Multi-layer helps reduce glare, even under intense sunlight.

– Flash lenses combined with colourfulboth creating a high shine and helping to increase the prominence in the crowd.

– Anti 100% UV rays.

Reference price: 5,800,000 VND

Miu Miu . UV Protective Sunglasses

Miu Miu is a high-end eyewear brand from Prada, Italy’s famous fashion house.


– Frames made of high quality metal.

– Covering round lenses is 3 layers stylized butterfly border, creating a feeling personality, impression still delicate, soft for girls to use.

– Glass bridge U-shaped It helps to increase the distance from the bridge of the nose, creating a comfortable feeling when wearing.

– Anti 100% UV rays.

Reference price: 7,850,000 VND

Above are the information and popular UV-resistant sunglasses models that Bach Hoa GREEN have compiled to help you refer to choose the right glasses for you. Always wear sunglasses when going outdoors to protect your eyes!

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