Top 3 Dịch vụ sơn Epoxy nhà xưởng tại Tây Ninh uy tín, giá rẻ (Cập nhật)

Epoxy coating service for factories in Tay Ninh is undertaken by many units. This often makes it difficult for you to choose a reputable company. Below, TopAZ Review has compiled the top 3 addresses specializing in epoxy coating services for factories in Tay Ninh with cheap price, quality commitment. If interested, you should not miss.

Review 3 Quality epoxy factory painting service in Tay Ninh, well done

Your floor is currently showing conditions such as subsidence, many cracks on the surface. This problem causes a loss of aesthetics for the workspace. At the same time, if left for a long time, it will affect the floor under weak loads, making it difficult to clean. This has a significant impact on the plant’s productivity.

To overcome this, most companies and businesses often choose the solution of using epoxy paint for factories. In this way, the floor will become shiny, antibacterial, easier to clean. Many epoxy coating services factories in Tay Ninh are responsible for construction with guaranteed quality, prestige, meeting customer requirements at the most economical price. You can refer to the 3 companies below if you are in need.


Nguyen Trung Green House

Known as the leading company in the field of industrial hygiene in our country, Nguyen Trung Green House has many branches, covering three regions from North to South. The unit was established in 2005, is a place to provide diversified and quality cleaning services to meet the increasing needs of customers and businesses across the country.

Prestigious factory epoxy paint in Tay Ninh
Nguyen Trung Green House is the address that provides professional and cheap epoxy coating services for factories in Tay Ninh

During nearly 20 years of construction and development, Nguyen Trung Green House has become a reliable address for many different large and small partners. From house/factory cleaning, post-construction cleaning and daily housekeeping, … With more than 15 different services, so this can be said to be a reputable place to provide you with epoxy coating services for factories in Tay Ninh professional, most effective should choose.

Nguyen Trung Green House works with the principle of “taking customer satisfaction as a measure of development”. Therefore, in all activities, we always strictly follow the implementation process, ensuring optimal results and conquering customers.

In addition to the quality factor, the company also focuses on the selection of highly skilled human resources. The staff here are experienced people in the field, well-trained, and have a good grasp of customer psychology.

Besides, the unit also regularly organizes many internal training sessions to train and improve the professional working style for thousands of employees. Therefore, Nguyen Trung Green House is confident to have enough capacity and ability to meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Choosing Nguyen Trung Green House as the unit that performs epoxy paint for your factory in Tay Ninh is definitely a right decision. Before and after construction, the company always adheres to quality standards, organizes and implements standard procedures, to ensure that your project is as beautiful as new.

Epoxy coating construction process here always ensures 7 basic steps as follows:

Professional epoxy paint factory in Tay Ninh
The steps to implement the epoxy coating process at Nguyen Trung Green House are carefully conducted, ensuring the best acceptance results.
  • Step 1: Cover the canvas and clean the painted surface
  • Step 2: Surface treatment, ensuring absolute cleanliness
  • Step 3: Vacuum away dirt and fill indents on the construction surface (if any).
  • Step 4: Apply primer on the construction surface to prevent water and chemical penetration
  • Step 5: Clean up tiny cracks or holes in the floor
  • Step 6: Starting to apply epoxy paint
  • Step 7: Acceptance and handover of works to partners

The staff here always know the notes when applying epoxy paint, ensuring to bring customers the best quality work. There are also some other typical reasons why many construction owners always choose this as a place to clean, paint and repair their living and working space:

  • The best price on the market but the quality is always absolutely guaranteed
  • There is a long-term warranty policy and adequate compensation in case of damage or any incident arising from the company, ensuring the interests of customers above all.
  • The staff is enthusiastic, listens to the needs of customers and always proposes the optimal solution, in accordance with the requirements and budget.
  • Using quality epoxy paint, with good bearing capacity, anti-dust and antibacterial, ensuring the aesthetics of the factory.
  • Construction time is on schedule and always ensures thorough acceptance, check the quality of the work before handing over
  • Equipment and machinery used to work are inspected and maintained regularly, bringing efficiency and absolute safety.
  • There is always a staff on duty 24/7 ready to answer and support customers’ problems in any situation, ensuring you do not have to wait long.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Group 13, Thanh Loi Hamlet, Thanh Binh Ward, Tan Bien District, Tay Ninh Province
  • Phone number: 0962 004 246
  • Email:
  • Website:


Industrial cleaning ISS Tay Ninh

ISS Tay Ninh industrial cleaning belongs to ISS Vietnam group – the place to bring you high quality integrated services with professional staff. So if you are looking for an epoxy paint contractor for your factory in Tay Ninh, this is an address worth considering.

Using epoxy coating service at ISS Tay Ninh is often applied to many different fields including warehouses, warehouses, common factories, mechanical workshops, etc. to create a standard and responsive factory floor. All technical and aesthetic criteria set forth, completely satisfied customers.

Epoxy paint factory in Tay Ninh
Industrial Hygiene ISS Tay Ninh is a reliable partner for many factories about epoxy paint construction services

Industrial cleaning company ISS Tay Ninh receives epoxy paint construction in all districts in the area. Besides, if you need to find epoxy coating services for factories in Binh Duong, Vung Tau or anywhere, you can also contact this address. The consulting – construction process takes place on schedule, ensuring the thickness according to the final contract. In addition, the implementation cost is a package and does not generate any other revenue without the consent of the project owner.

In particular, the company is always responsible for incidents and damages arising during construction. The unit always has a satisfactory compensation plan, ensuring to put the interests of customers on top priority.

The staff here are always friendly, dedicated to advise and support customers. Therefore, if you have a question that needs to be answered, you can contact the company directly for timely support.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 36/8 Street 30/4 Hiep Thanh Ward, Hiep Ninh Ward, Tay Ninh Province
  • Phone number: 0968 444 844
  • Email:
  • Website:


Sky Industrial Hygiene Company Limited

If you are in need of an industrial floor paint team for your factory, Sky Industrial Hygiene Co., Ltd is definitely a name that should not be missed. This is a reputable unit providing epoxy floor coating services in Tay Ninh for offices, factories, hospitals, … with guaranteed quality.

With experience and standard working style, the company has helped thousands of customers feel satisfied, smile happily after receiving the acceptance test. The service here is always committed to quality, high durability, scratch resistance, good bearing, good friction.

Epoxy paint factory in Tay Ninh good price
Sky Sky Industrial Hygiene Co., Ltd has a thoughtful warranty policy, creating peace of mind for customers when cooperating

During the operation, the company constantly strives, “transforms” to bring customers the best test results. Especially in addition to the human factor, the construction machinery and equipment system here is always updated and upgraded in a timely manner, in a modern direction to meet the needs of customers.

Why choose Sky Industrial Cleaning Company:

  • Professional implementation team, experienced in industrial floor painting for many years, always comply with standards and notes when construction.
  • The unit has been highly appreciated by many project owners for the service performed. The company operates in many areas in Tay Ninh province including Duong Minh Chau, Go Dau, Ben Cat, Hoa Thanh, Trang Bang, …
  • Always give a clear epoxy coating process for the factory. Inspection, actual survey then detailed quotation
  • Signing a transparent performance contract, based on agreed terms between the two parties
  • Attentive customer care policy. Before during and after acceptance, you are always fully supported
  • Guaranteed on time as promised

In addition, Sky Industrial Hygiene Company is also the official partner of domestic and foreign Epoxy paint. Therefore you can be assured of the quality and price made. The unit always offers partners attractive preferential prices.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Alley 635 Hoang Dieu, TT. Trang Bang, Trang Bang, Tay Ninh
  • Phone number: 0902 527 135
  • Email:
  • Website:

Criteria for choosing epoxy coating service for factories in Tay Ninh

Industrial floor paint for factories helps to protect the floor from damaging agents. At the same time, it also resists dirt and increases aesthetics. Therefore, this is an effective solution chosen by many project owners. Especially with epoxy paint, it is also waterproof, withstands high loads and limits abrasion when specialized vehicles in the workshop operate on the floor.

However, finding a reputable epoxy coating service provider in Tay Ninh is difficult for many people. To avoid making mistakes when choosing as well as to help readers make easier decisions, you can refer to the following 6 general notes:

  • Seniority: Reputable companies often have a long history of operation in the market. This proves the perfect service quality, which is trusted and appreciated by customers. Therefore, this is a prerequisite factor for you to consider when choosing
  • The process is clear: In order to find a quality epoxy paint construction unit, you should thoroughly understand the process, from consulting and quotation to construction and acceptance.
  • Experienced staff: To help customers choose a reasonable construction plan, it is necessary to consult the staff. Besides, the construction team is also an important criterion to create the success of the quality of the project. Therefore, when choosing a reputable unit to perform, you should also pay attention to this issue
  • Modern technology: Usually, reputable units regularly update and apply the latest technologies and machines in the construction process, to ensure the best quality test results.
  • Warranty: Reputable units always have a transparent, thoughtful warranty, ensuring the interests of customers. At the same time, in the event of a loss that requires compensation, professional contractors will also negotiate with the owner to choose the most satisfactory compensation plan.
  • Price: The performance price is also an important criterion that determines the image of a reputable epoxy coating unit. You can refer to the price list in the common ground before deciding on the implementation unit. However, in some companies, bargaining or discounting may also apply.

Conclude: When choosing epoxy coating services for factories in Tay Ninh, you should choose reputable units with clear contracts. This ensures that each item is carried out on schedule as well as the acceptance process, warranty policy, and payment take place smoothly. Hopefully with the top 3 companies shared above, you can choose for yourself the right unit.


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