Top 5 Công ty bảo vệ ở Long An dịch vụ chuyên nghiệp, hiệu quả (Cập nhật)

Cooperating with reputable security companies in Long An will help businesses, shops … feel secure in production and business. In addition to maintaining security and order, the security team also detects electrical problems early, quickly performs fire prevention and first aid work, etc. to limit damage to people and property.

Review of 5 reputable security companies in Long An, quality services

Currently, the demand for security services in Long An is increasing constantly. To protect assets, detect and handle fire incidents early, most companies, factories, shops… need a team of qualified and experienced security guards.

Faced with increased demand, security companies in Long An are therefore constantly improving. To choose a reputable company, dedicated and professional services, readers can refer to the following 5 suggestions:


Hoang Long High-Tech Protection

Cao Hoang Long is a long-term, reputable security company in Long An. Established in 2012, this unit has more than 10 years of experience in the field of providing security services, professional bodyguards. Simultaneously, professional training, martial arts, communication and behavior, first aid and training in fire prevention and fighting work.

Long An security company
Hoang Long High-Tech Security provides diverse services with reasonable and balanced costs

The company’s board of directors are all soldiers and police officers, and understand the importance of security guards in ensuring security. Cao Hoang Long provides customers with professional security services with a fully equipped security team that can improvise and be flexible in any situation.

Senior bodyguards are also trained to use a number of devices such as tear gas guns, tonfas, self-defense flashlights, sirens, nunchakus, etc. to protect the safety of their clients.

Currently, Cao Hoang Long security company is providing services such as:

  • Fixed protection (factory, factory, factory, supermarket, agency, industrial park, hospital, bank …)
  • Mobile protection (money escort, conference protection, events…)

Depending on the needs of the customer, the company will advise the most suitable solution (number, level of protection, bodyguards). The security team provided by Cao Hoang Long all have clear background documents, are professionally trained, and have all the necessary qualifications.

When using Cao Hoang Long’s services, customers will be committed to quality. The contract clearly mentions the rights and responsibilities to protect the customer in the event of an incident. Always putting customers’ interests first, Cao Hoang Long is a reliable choice for readers who are looking for a reputable security company in Long An.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 468A Highway 62, Ward 6, City. Tan An, Long An
  • Phone number: 0272 352 0000
  • Email:
  • Website:


Protect Vinh Phat

Vinh Phat Security – Bodyguard Co., Ltd is chosen by many customers when there is a need to hire security guards and bodyguards. Up to now, this unit has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. With the desire to provide quality security services, the company focuses on training and professional training for its staff.

The board of directors and advisors of the company are all people from the army and police, with full expertise and experience. After a period of development, the company has built a reputation in the field and has become the first choice of many organizations and individuals.

Long An Security Service
Vinh Phat Security is a company providing quality and effective security services in Long An

Depending on the age and physical condition of each employee, the company will have different orientations. The majority of personnel will be trained on fire prevention and fighting, timely detection and handling of water and electricity problems, first aid, self-defense, etc. to well protect property and security in industrial parks, factory, supermarket.

Potential personnel will receive intensive training in martial arts, situational skills, reasoning and use of self-defense equipment such as tonfa, nunchaku… The senior bodyguard team will take care of the following tasks. High-class services such as protecting important people, protecting important events, escorting money, valuables.

Besides, Vinh Phat Security – Bodyguard Co., Ltd also provides common security services such as protecting factories, factories, offices, office buildings, shops, supermarkets… Well-trained, the security team can complete their tasks well, and at the same time always keep a positive attitude, responsibility and neat manner.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 349 Hamlet 1, Nhut Chanh, Dist. Ben Luc, Long An
  • Phone number: 0222 888 8828
  • Email:
  • Website:


Protect Huynh Long

If you are looking for a reputable and reasonably priced security company in Long An, Huynh Long Security is a suggestion TopAZ Review wants to share with readers. The company’s operating motto is prestige – quality – efficiency, committed to providing customers with outstanding security services.

With security services, people are the key factor. Therefore, Huynh Long Security focuses on recruiting and training a team of security guards with standard behavior, responsible and dedicated working spirit. The security team will be trained in martial arts, situational handling techniques, communication behavior, early detection and handling of incidents, fire prevention and first aid work, etc.

Long An Security Service
Huynh Long Security has a team of qualified, well-trained and in-depth personnel

100% of the protection provided by Huynh Long Security all have practice certificates to be able to successfully complete the assigned tasks. History is carefully checked, bringing absolute peace of mind to customers.

The company is currently providing services such as protecting fixed targets such as supermarkets, commercial centers, schools, events, factories, warehouses, offices. This is the main service group promoted by Huynh Long Security because of high demand. In addition, the company also provides security services for events, conferences and protection of key people.

Huynh Long Security wishes to become the reliable choice of customers. With a security team provided by the company, customers can develop with peace of mind. The security service of Huynh Long Security Company has a fairly reasonable cost. Staff will clearly and transparently advise customers on this matter before signing the contract.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Lot 29 I-51 Street 25A, Tan Duc Residential Area, Duc Hoa Ha, Duc Hoa, Long An
  • Phone number: 027 23 850 270
  • Email:
  • Website:


Protect Ngoc Thien An

Diverse services, professional training, reasonable costs … are the reasons that help Ngoc Thien An Security to build its reputation and win the trust with customers. If you are looking for a professional security company in Long An, readers can consider this unit.

Ngoc Thien An Security provides comprehensive and diversified protection solutions for all customers. After listening to the wishes, the company will offer appropriate solutions and plans, create a safe environment and help customers have absolute peace of mind about property and life.

Long An Security Service
Ngoc Thien An Security focuses on training to provide customers with a professional and skilled security team

The company’s management board has many years of experience in the field. Therefore, the work of selection, training and training is carried out extremely strictly. The company’s security team is fully trained with the necessary skills to serve the job well.

In addition to a team of quality personnel, Ngoc Thien An Security also invests in modern equipment and tools to improve efficiency in security and property protection. The company’s unremitting efforts serve the sole purpose of providing customers with quality and effective security services.

In addition to fixed security services, Ngoc Thien An Security also provides 24/7 security, event protection, conference protection, moving target protection, important person protection… With a proven reputation, This unit has become a partner of many big systems such as Trung Nguyen Legend, Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh, Highlands Coffee.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 3 Street No. 15, KP.9, TT. Ben Luc, Ben Luc, Long An
  • Phone number: 0272 3637 142
  • Email:
  • Website:


Protect Minh Truong Long

Minh Truong Long is one of the security companies in Long An providing diverse services from protecting supermarkets, construction sites, buildings, apartments, agencies, banks, companies… In addition, the company also providing services to protect key people, protect events – conferences, escort goods and money.

The factor that creates the reputation of Minh Truong Long Security Company is a quality security team, well-trained in professional skills from martial arts, using self-defense equipment, fire protection, and early detection of water and electricity problems. and first aid. After training, the company will decentralize personnel based on ability to assign appropriate tasks.

Long An Security Service
Minh Truong Long Security is a reputable unit providing bodyguard and security services in Long An

Thanks to the focus on training, Minh Truong Long’s security service is highly appreciated for its quality and reputation. Fees for services are also extremely reasonable and transparent. In addition, the company will also support customers with solutions that are budget-friendly but still effective in preserving security and assets.

If you are looking for a security company in Long An, Minh Truong Long is a unit that readers can consider. With diverse services, any requirements of customers will be met and best supported. Not only meeting the demand in the area, Minh Truong Long also provides security services in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 582 National Highway 1A, Ward 4, City. Tan An, Long An
  • Phone number: 0917 131 707
  • Email:
  • Website:

Important criteria when choosing a security service company in Long An

Currently, security companies in Long An increasingly diversify services and focus on training security guards and bodyguards. Services are therefore increasingly improved, meeting the diverse needs of people in the area.

A few security companies have unprofessional working processes, untrained staff, lack of professional skills… When cooperating with these units, it is difficult to avoid arising and serious situations. More important is the loss of property and reputation of the store and business.

If you have not yet chosen a reputable security company in Long An, the following criteria will help readers make an objective assessment and find a reliable unit to cooperate with:

  • Have a business license: First, you need to make sure the company providing security services in Long An must be licensed to operate. If there is no license, it is likely that this company does not meet the criteria (charter capital is over 2 billion dong, the CEO must have a university degree in law, economics, certificate of the Police Department).
  • Comprehensive solution consulting: When presenting wants and needs, the company must consult a comprehensive solution for customers. The proposed solution must be suitable for the needs and budget but still need to ensure effectiveness in maintaining security and protecting assets. If the company offers an unsatisfactory solution, it is advisable to carefully consider avoiding cooperation with an untrustworthy unit.
  • Professional workflow: A reputable security company will have a professional, neat and time-optimized working process for both parties. After signing the contract, the company will coordinate the appropriate personnel. Before taking on the task, security guards – bodyguards will be carefully discussed about requirements, behavior and duties.
  • Commitment to quality: When using security services, the company needs to have a clear contract and a commitment to quality. Ensure to provide a team of security guards with expertise, experience and knowledge in the field. If problems arise, the company will take responsibility and assist customers to find the optimal solution.
  • Affordability: The cost for security services is a fixed monthly fee. Therefore, business units are very concerned with the issue of costs. To choose a reputable company that provides quality services, you should consult the price first.

Conclude: Security services have become indispensable needs of units, organizations and individuals. In the current context, the role of the security team cannot be denied in the work of maintaining security and order, protecting people and property. Therefore, when there is a need, you should choose reputable security companies in Long An to be provided with professional and effective services.


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