Top 5 Địa chỉ đặt vòng hoa viếng đám tang tại Quận 4 uy tín nhất (Cập nhật)

Hai Ha, Da Huong, Emy Flora, Joy Flowers, N Flowers … are the addresses to order funeral wreaths in District 4 that TopAZ Review has compiled. These are all quality shops, fast flower delivery service, according to customer requirements.

Review of 5 places to order quality and cheap funeral wreaths in District 4

Sending funeral wreaths to funerals has been a traditional custom for many generations of our nation. This is how visitors express their condolences and respects to the deceased.

Funeral wreaths often have higher requirements than other floral themes. Choosing the wrong flower will make both you and the host awkward.

Please refer to the 5 addresses to order funeral wreaths in District 4 below to get satisfactory flower products:


Hai Ha Flower Palace

Hai Ha Flower Palace has more than 10 years of experience in the field of supplying fresh flowers, high-class flower samples for events such as grand opening, birthday flowers, love flowers, wedding flowers, condolence flowers…

Currently, flower service in Hai Ha operates all over the country, delivering flowers to places in 63 provinces and cities, serving the needs of customers. Hai Ha owns many store systems, shortening the distance of flower delivery, bringing convenience to customers.

Funeral wreaths carry a special meaning, expressing mourning for the deceased and their families. Many types of flowers are combined into flower baskets, wreaths in many different forms.

Address to order funeral wreaths in District 4
The funeral wreath at Hai Ha flower palace is delicately and beautifully designed

Types of flowers commonly used by flower artisans in Hai Ha to form a ring include chrysanthemums, lilies, white orchids, yellow orchids, lilies, and roses. The garland has a dominant color, creating harmony and sophistication such as white to show respect, pink used in funerals of children, blue for peace, yellow for new beginnings. New head, purple shows respect.

If you do not know what design and color to choose for a funeral wreath, customers can consult a counselor. They have a lot of experience, have extensive knowledge about flowers, will help customers choose the right flower pattern.

Coming to Hai Ha flower shop, customers just need to state their request or choose a flower sample on the website, the staff at the store will support you with the rest, suggesting the content of the banner accordingly.

With skillful hands and experience of flower artisans, at Hai Ha store there are types of wreaths such as: funeral beaded wreath, funeral flower shelf, Catholic funeral wreath. Each type of wreath has many different sizes, depending on the needs of the customer. The price is also different for each type.

Contact information:

  • Address: 02 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 01, District 4, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 028 6654 6162
  • Website:


Da Huong fresh flowers

Da Huong fresh flowers is a prestigious fresh flower shop in District 4. It is highly appreciated by many customers for its high quality of flowers, 100% natural fresh flowers, fast and convenient flower delivery service.

Da Huong fresh flowers owns a team of skilled flower artisans, skillful hands combine flowers into many different designs to help customers choose freely. They have a love for flowers, always meticulous in each product, giving customers the most beautiful and delicate wreaths.

Prestigious address to order funeral wreaths in District 4
Wreaths are an important part of funerals, expressing condolences to the deceased

Many customers have given their trust to Da Huong fresh flowers when ordering flowers to visit the funeral in District 4. This place always focuses on flower quality. Flowers are imported from reputable farms, carefully selected, using only qualified fresh flower branches.

Flowers to the customer must be in accordance with the requirements, the correct sample selected, the flowers keep freshness for at least 3 days. The shipping process at the store is also very careful, flowers are delivered to the right address and on time. If the product delivered does not match the model, the flower shop will be responsible for the return.

At Da Huong fresh flowers, there are 62 different designs of funeral wreaths. Each style combines many different types of flowers, forming many shapes. Depending on the size, type of flower, design will have different prices. Customers can go to the store’s website to consult the style and price.

Da Huong fresh flowers are committed to free delivery to all districts in Ho Chi Minh City, delivering the right flower sample, on time as requested. Just one call from the customer, Da Huong flower shop with its professionalism will complete the order in the shortest time.

Da Huong fresh flowers always put customer satisfaction as the top criterion for its development. Customers coming to the flower shop will have a great experience.

Contact information:

  • Address: 117 Hoang Dieu, Ward 12, District 4, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0936 484 248
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Emy Flora

Putting flower quality first, Emy Flora is trusted and chosen by many customers to order funeral wreaths in District 4. Currently, the shop also expands and upgrades flower delivery services.

With 5 years of experience in the flower business, Emy Flora is committed to providing fresh, beautiful and eye-catching flower samples. Different types of flowers are delicately combined, creating a harmonious and beautiful flower product.

Emy Flora imports flowers from reputable farms, specializing in providing fresh flowers. The flowers are carefully selected. The shop imports flowers every day, removes wilted, crushed flower branches, does not use frozen flowers.

The address to order a quality funeral wreath in District 4
White is used a lot when designing funeral wreaths

At the flower shop and on the website, there are many models of funeral wreaths for customers to choose from. The flower samples are numbered in order, making it easy for customers to call their names when ordering.

Ordering funeral wreaths at Emy Flora, customers can be completely assured by the quality of service here. With its professionalism, the shop ensures to deliver flowers on time, in the right quantity, with the right design that the customer requires.

Emy Flora owns a team of enthusiastic and thoughtful consultants to assist customers in choosing the most satisfactory flowers. In addition, the selection of flower artisans is also rigorous, choosing highly skilled, experienced in the field of flower arrangement, in order to bring customers flower products with high aesthetics.

In addition to providing funeral wreaths, Emy Flora also has wedding flowers, opening flowers, birthday flowers, love flowers…

Contact information:

  • Address: 89 Tan Vinh, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone number: 094 477 1618
  • Email:
  • Website:


Joy Flowers fresh flower shop

More than 4 years of operation in the field of fresh flower business, Joy Flower always strives to upgrade services, giving customers the best experience. Joy Flower fresh flower shop provides flower services such as conference flowers, congratulatory flowers, opening flowers, event flowers, wedding flowers, visiting flowers…

If you are struggling to find the address to order funeral wreaths in District 4, Joy Flower is the right choice. This place has a flower delivery service to the place, helping customers save travel time.

Address to order funeral wreaths in District 4
Where should funeral wreaths be placed in District 4?

Funeral wreath designs at the shop often exude sophistication and elegance. Many types of flowers are harmoniously combined with each other under the skillful hands of flower artisans, creating eye-catching and impressive flower products.

Funeral flowers are extremely important, showing respect and reverence for the deceased. Understanding that, Joy Flower always designs simple and delicate flower designs, conveying the condolences and grief of the sender.

Joy Flower flower shop has 19 different flower patterns, delicately designed, customers are spoiled for choice. There are many kinds of flowers here, imported from domestic quality farms and imported flowers.

Contact information:

  • Address: 51 Nguyen Huu Hao, Ward 9, District 4, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 093 661 3619
  • Website:


N Flower fresh flower shop

N Flower fresh flower shop is one of the suppliers of quality flowers, bringing customers a lot of convenience. With a nationwide branch network, N Flower always strives to improve and upgrade services, helping customers have the best experience.

Established in 2014 with a professional flower arrangement team, many customers in District 4 have trusted and chosen N Flower as the place to place wreaths for funerals. The trust of customers is the biggest proof that affirms the service quality of the flower shop.

Facility to place wreaths for funerals in District 4
Funeral flowers are often bulky in design, making it difficult to transport

100% fresh flowers are used at N Flower. Flowers are imported every day from reputable gardeners, customers can be completely assured of the store’s flower quality. Variety of flowers, suitable for making wreaths for funerals. Each flower contains a separate meaning, customers can ask for the help of a consultant to choose a flower like chrysanthemum, white gerbera, orchid, white lily.

With the professionalism and good cooperation between the working processes, N Flower is committed to completing the flower products as quickly as possible, delivering them on time, according to the customer’s requirements. Enthusiastic advice, transparent prices are plus points at N Flower fresh flower shop.

In addition, when ordering funeral wreaths at N Flower, customers will be presented with banners and condolences cards. If there are any special requests with the flower basket, or want a design with the shop, the shop will still complete it as best as possible. Orders are allowed to be adjusted on request.

Contact information:

  • Address: 382 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 18, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone number: 096 228 2024
  • Website:

Note when choosing a quality address to order funeral wreaths in District 4

Flower shops not only provide flowers for joyful and romantic occasions, but also funeral flowers, helping customers express their condolences to the deceased and offer condolences to their families.

It is not difficult for you to find the address to order funeral wreaths in District 4. However, in order to choose a satisfactory address, providing quality and delicate flowers, customers need to pay attention to the following notes:

  • Choose a flower shop with a convenient geographical location: Wreaths for funerals often have a sophisticated design, are a bit cumbersome, and it is difficult to move. Therefore, you should choose a fresh flower shop near the funeral home so that the flowers are transported faster, minimizing the impact of the environment during moving to the flower products.
  • Suitable floral design: Funeral wreaths need to be designed simply, delicately, but equally fashionable. You should avoid designs that are too colorful, bright colors, not suitable for dignified places like funerals.
  • Service quality: To bring the greatest convenience, you should pay attention to the service quality of the shop. Enthusiastic consultants, skilled florists, fast shipping process, all coordinated smoothly and quickly, giving customers the best experience.
  • Price: Many shops have a situation of “soldiering” of flower prices. Therefore, when choosing a fresh flower shop, customers should give priority to those that publish flower samples with public prices. Any additional costs should be reported when closing the order.

Conclude: If you are struggling to find a place to place a wreath for a funeral in District 4, you can refer to the 5 flower shops that TopAZ Review has summarized above. Hopefully, this information can help customers find a suitable facility, in accordance with the needs of customers.


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