Top 5 Dịch vụ sơn Epoxy nhà xưởng tại Bình Dương uy tín nhất (Cập nhật)

Factory epoxy coating service in Binh Duong area is increasingly developing to be able to serve the increasing demand. When you intend to use this service, you need to choose a reputable construction contractor to ensure that the epoxy paint is properly executed, highly durable and has good waterproofing ability.

Review 5 Epoxy paint factory service in Binh Duong with good quality, good price

Workshop epoxy paint is made to increase the waterproofing, bearing capacity and friction of the floor. With a structure containing two main components, polyamide and solvent curing, this paint also has high aesthetics, good durability, does not fade, scratch like conventional paints.

Application of epoxy paint needs to be done properly to ensure waterproofing and anti-friction. In the following content, TopAZ Review shares with you the 5 most prestigious epoxy coating construction units in Binh Duong:


Anh Tuan Quang Construction, Trading and Service Co., Ltd

Anh Tuan Quang Construction, Trading and Service Co., Ltd is known as a prestigious interior design unit in Binh Duong. The company provides comprehensive interior design and construction solutions for townhouses, villas, apartments, shops, etc. In addition to the above strength services, this unit also offers prestigious epoxy coating solutions for factories, trust.

Anh Tuan Quang Construction, Trading and Service Co., Ltd. receives the construction of epoxy floor paint for factories in areas such as Ben Cat, Dau Tieng, Thuan An, Di An, Tan Uyen, Phu Giao … This unit is committed to using Epoxy paint. of reputable brands, ensuring durability, waterproofing and high aesthetics.

Epoxy coating service factory in Binh Duong
Anh Tuan Quang Company was voted to have a reputable factory epoxy paint service, good price in Binh Duong

Depending on the actual project and the needs of the customer, Anh Tuan Quang will advise on two epoxy coating methods: self-leveling epoxy paint and roller epoxy paint. The staff will answer all concerns and questions, clearly present the advantages and disadvantages of each method of epoxy factory construction for customers to understand.

After receiving customer information, Anh Tuan Quang Company will coordinate staff to survey the actual area and location of the factory. Then quote a detailed, transparent price and choose the most suitable construction plan.

Not only impressed by the professional working process, the epoxy factory construction price of this unit is also extremely reasonable and competitive.

When cooperating with Anh Tuan Quang, the interests of customers will be protected with a contract with clear terms. In addition to the quality of construction, the company is also committed to the schedule and willing to work overtime to complete the item in case of urgent need.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 597A Pham Ngoc Thach, Phu My Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong
  • Phone number: 0918 91 38 79
  • Email:
  • Website:


Rich Technology – PPTECH

Phong Phu Technology Co., Ltd – PPTECH is a reputable contractor, providing epoxy coating construction solutions for many different projects such as factory floors, warehouses, terraces, basements… Officially put into operation Since 2009, this unit has nearly 15 years in the field. Therefore, TopAZ Review would like to suggest Phong Phu Technology (PPTECH) for readers who are in need of epoxy coating for factories.

PPTECH has experience in consulting and constructing epoxy floor paints in accordance with HACCP, GMP-WHO standards. The company uses epoxy paints of reputable brands with outstanding advantages such as fire resistance, wear resistance, anti-static, acid resistance and resistance to chemicals.

Epoxy paint Binh Duong factory
Phong Phu Technology – PPTECH receives factory epoxy paint construction at a reasonable cost

PPTECH has a team of highly skilled and experienced workers. After evaluating the actual work, the team of workers will propose the most suitable construction plan to optimize efficiency and durability.

The construction process of factory epoxy paint will include 7 steps. After surface treatment and vacuuming of concrete cutting joints, staff will roll the primer, then apply epoxy color, seal holes and small cracks. Continue to use the roller to buff the places that have been filled and painted with color.

Not only has a team of skilled and skilled workers, PPTECH is also invested in equipment. Thanks to modern machinery, the team of workers can execute epoxy paint factory quickly and on schedule as required by customers. Using quality paint and correct construction technique, PPTECH commits that the paint layer has a long durability and customers will be warranted for 12 months.

According to the survey, the cost of epoxy paint for the factory at PPTECH costs from 60,000 to 120,000 VND/m2. The cost may vary depending on the actual floor surface and floor area to be constructed. Whether customers use the service or not, PPTECH will provide free consultation, survey and quotation.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 61/3 Huynh Tan Phat, Dong Hoa Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong
  • Phone number: 0274 6543 179
  • Email:
  • Website:


Waterproofing Gia Dinh

Gia Dinh waterproofing is evaluated as having a reputable factory epoxy coating service in Ho Chi Minh City. To be able to serve customers quickly, this unit has developed a branch in Binh Duong Province. With 10 years of experience in the field of waterproofing, the company has become a reliable partner of many large and small businesses.

Gia Dinh waterproofing construction epoxy paint factory with all areas. As an experienced unit, this unit will conduct surveys and listen to the wishes and needs of customers to advise the most suitable solution.

Epoxy paint Binh Duong factory
Gia Dinh waterproofing has a team of experienced workers, proficient in epoxy coating techniques

The construction process includes a full package of 7 steps of grinding and treating concrete floors, cleaning the floor surface, applying epoxy primer with roller system, fixing defects on concrete floors, applying epoxy paint for the first layer of roller system, sanding. and apply epoxy paint roller system to finish the floor surface.

All steps are performed properly by a team of highly skilled workers and supported by modern machinery and equipment.

Gia Dinh waterproofing was voted as a reputable factory epoxy paint construction unit in Binh Duong. This unit fully meets the criteria such as a team of skilled and experienced workers, modern machinery system and warranty up to 12 months. All epoxy paints used are of Thien Son brand with full CO, CQ proven origin and clear quality control.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 41/24 Binh Duong 1 Quarter, An Binh Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong
  • Phone number: 0932 284 824
  • Email:
  • Website:


Epoxy Nam Phat

Epoxy Nam Phat is a well-known unit in the field of waterproofing. In order to best serve customers, this unit has developed branches in Binh Duong, Long An, Binh Phuoc and Ho Chi Minh City. Epoxy Nam Phat has completed thousands of projects, bringing effective and superior waterproofing solutions to customers in need.

When choosing this unit, customers will be consulted with epoxy coating solutions suitable to the budget and actual status of the project. Epoxy Nam Phat is committed to using only epoxy paints of reputable brands, ensuring quality, durability and waterproofing ability. In addition to ordinary paints, the company will also provide unique paint samples according to customers’ requirements.

Epoxy paint Binh Duong factory
Nam Phat Epoxy is evaluated as a unit with a reputable factory epoxy coating service in Binh Duong

Epoxy Nam Phat has a team of experienced workers, applying epoxy paint to the factory properly. After finishing, customers can check the paint thickness and quality. During its operation, this unit was impressed by its professional way of working, completing on schedule and being clear and transparent about costs.

Currently, the demand for epoxy paint for factories in Binh Duong is increasing. Epoxy Nam Phat invests, renews equipment, applies the latest technologies to improve service quality. With constant efforts, this unit has been asserting its position in the field of waterproofing.

Interested readers can refer to the construction price list and actual works that this unit has completed on the official website.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1 N1 Street, Thinh Gia Residential Area, TX. Ben Cat, Binh Duong
  • Phone number: 0979 222 339
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:



The next suggestion TopAZ Review wants to share with readers is ANSAKO Construction, Trading and Service Co., Ltd. This unit has strengths in renovating, repairing and building factories and workshops. Besides, ANSAKO also provides a number of accompanying services derived from the actual needs of customers such as epoxy coating for factories and basements.

ANSAKO has a team of experienced and highly skilled workers. Gathering quality personnel, this unit is confident to bring customers effective and affordable epoxy coating solutions.

Epoxy paint Binh Duong factory
ANSAKO – Prestigious and professional factory epoxy coating contractor in Binh Duong

ANSAKO carefully researches epoxy paints on the market and prioritizes domestic products, which are both cheap and quality. In addition, this unit also focuses on techniques when applying epoxy paint to ensure the paint has high durability and good waterproofing ability.

With the goal of serving customers wholeheartedly, ANSAKO has invested in more modern machinery and equipment. During construction, thanks to the support of advanced facilities, the factory floor will be coated with epoxy uniformly, with high adhesion. In addition to the durability and waterproofing factors, ANSAKO is also committed to the aesthetics of epoxy paint for the factory.

In Binh Duong, there are quite a few units of epoxy paint factory. ANSAKO stands out for its quality service, professional workflow and reasonable price. For comparison, you can contact the hotline and get a quote before making a choice.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 440 Le Hong Phong, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong
  • Phone number: 0973 074 007
  • Email:
  • Website:

Experience in choosing an epoxy paint factory in Binh Duong

Workshop epoxy paint is a solution to help waterproof, increase durability, and reduce damage to floors. In addition to the above effects, epoxy paint also has high aesthetics, limiting scratches, paint discoloration due to friction.

Binh Duong area has many factories and warehouses, so the demand for epoxy paint for factories is very large. To find a reputable unit that suits your needs, you can refer to some experiences summarized and shared by TopAZ Review:

  • Well-known units in the field: When choosing a factory epoxy coating unit, you should give preference to companies that have a lot of experience and names in the field. Most of the long-standing units have quality services and quite reasonable and competitive prices. Moreover, with companies with a lot of experience, you can judge the quality through the works these units have done.
  • Paint type, construction method: Depending on your needs, you can choose oil-based, water-based epoxy paint or lip-free epoxy paint. At the same time, the choice of construction method is epoxy roller system or self-leveling epoxy paint. You should find out what type of paint the construction company is using and what method of construction to be able to choose a reputable company.
  • Professional workflow: Units with professional working processes can commit to construction of epoxy coatings for factories on schedule. In addition, a quick and enthusiastic working attitude also helps you have a better experience when cooperating.
  • Affordability: It is advisable to survey the costs in many units to choose an epoxy coating company that is suitable for the budget. However, it should be noted that units with too low cost will often find it difficult to ensure paint quality and short warranty period.
  • Warranty period: According to the survey, most of the epoxy coating construction units factory warranty within 12 months. You should survey the warranty period in many units to choose the right address.

Conclude: Factory epoxy coating service in Binh Duong is no less developed than that of Ho Chi Minh City. Concentrating many manufacturing factories, warehouses… this area has a very high demand for waterproofing in general and epoxy paint in particular. Hopefully, the objective reviews from TopAZ Review have helped readers make the right and right choice.


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