Top 5 Dịch vụ sơn Epoxy nhà xưởng tại Đồng Nai giá rẻ uy tín (Cập nhật)

Dong Nai is an area with many industrial parks, so it is not difficult for you to find a supplier of epoxy coating services for factories. However, to choose a reputable contractor, quality service and reasonable price, readers will need objective reviews from TopAZ Review.

Review 5 Professional epoxy paint factory in Dong Nai, good price

Workshop epoxy paint is an effective waterproofing solution to limit damage to the floor. Currently, most factories choose to apply epoxy paint instead of conventional paints to facilitate production and easy cleaning.

Dong Nai is an area with a lot of industrial parks, so the demand for epoxy paint for factories is very high. TopAZ Review introduces to readers 5 reputable epoxy construction contractors in this area for convenient selection when in need:


Nguyen Trung Green House

Nguyen Trung Green House is an industrial cleaning service company in Ho Chi Minh City. This unit offers a variety of solutions such as disinfection spray, factory cleaning, housing, office cleaning, building glass cleaning … and factory epoxy paint construction. In addition to the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, the company also developed branches in Dong Nai and surrounding areas to be able to meet the increasing demand.

Officially put into operation in 2005, Nguyen Trung Green House has had nearly two decades of operation and development. After a long time of development, this unit has built a reputation and become a reliable partner with many customers. If you are looking for an epoxy coating contractor in Dong Nai, you can consider this unit.

Dong Nai factory epoxy paint
Nguyen Trung Green House has many years of experience in epoxy coatings for factories in Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City

The epoxy coating service of Nguyen Trung Green House is highly appreciated by customers for its quality. This unit has many years of experience, can provide customers with comprehensive and effective solutions.

After listening to the wishes of the customer, the staff will conduct a survey and based on the actual work to advise the most effective construction plan. Long-term experience helps Nguyen Trung Green House optimize operating costs, providing customers with the perfect solution at the most reasonable price.

Epoxy paint is committed to quality and durability. Products have clear brands and origins, so customers can be assured of quality. Besides, Nguyen Trung Green House also has a team of skilled workers, technical construction, responsible and diligent working spirit.

When choosing Nguyen Trung Green House, customers will be carefully consulted on construction plans and detailed quotes for each item. Once agreed, the company will prepare the contract and carry out the construction according to the commitment. With a team of skilled workers and quality paint products, Nguyen Trung Green House always brings absolute satisfaction to all customers.

Contact Info:

  • Head office: 409/88/107 Huynh Thi Hai, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Dong Nai branch: October 28, Ward 4, Buu Long Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Phone number: 0962 004 246
  • Email:
  • Website:


Hung Anh Phat

Hung Anh Phat is an industrial cleaning company specializing in providing comprehensive cleaning services for projects such as houses, factories, factories, buildings, offices… Faced with increasing demand, besides services For industrial hygiene, this unit also provides epoxy paint solutions for factories in Dong Nai area.

With a wealth of experience, Hung Anh Phat has served more than 500 customers who are companies, businesses and business establishments. Workshop epoxy coating service in this area is highly appreciated for its quality, efficiency and reasonable cost.

Dong Nai factory epoxy paint
Hung Anh Phat is a worthy choice if you are looking for a contractor to construct epoxy floor paint for your factory

Hung Anh Phat understands the wishes and requirements of customers. Based on actual requirements and works, this unit always strives to bring the most optimal solution within the budget. The company’s personnel all have many years of experience, master epoxy coating techniques and always have a sense of responsibility and dedication.

Quality is what Hung Anh Phat always commits to customers. The company only uses high quality paints along with modern machinery and equipment to support the construction process. Machines are renewed and synchronized to optimize efficiency and shorten the construction time of epoxy coatings in factories.

Hung Anh Phat is a strategic partner of famous paint companies, does not import paint through intermediaries, so the cost is extremely good. Thanks to that, the price list of epoxy paint factory here is very competitive. Customers can fully experience quality epoxy coating service at an economical cost.

Another factor that helps Hung Anh Phat become a reputable factory epoxy coating contractor in Dong Nai is the long-term warranty policy. Depending on the item and service, the company will have a corresponding warranty period and the customer will be consulted specifically on this issue before proceeding with the construction.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 2B Group 10, An Binh Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Phone number: 0938 243 499
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Vuong Thanh Cong Company Limited

Vuong Thanh Cong is a reputable factory epoxy paint contractor in Dong Nai that TopAZ Review wants to share with readers. This unit has strengths in construction of waterproofing materials, crack treatment and industrial epoxy floor paint. With more than 10 years of experience, the company has become a reliable partner of many customers.

Vuong Thanh Cong Company has a team of good and highly qualified personnel. The company’s personnel have a professional and enthusiastic working style, ready to advise all concerns and questions for customers.

epoxy paint factory floor dong nai
Vuong Thanh Cong Co., Ltd provides prestigious factory epoxy paint construction service, reasonable price

Positive and professional working attitude helps this unit make a good impression on customers. For workshop epoxy coating service, Vuong Thanh Cong will provide specific solutions from construction plan, handover time, schedule and cost.

Epoxy paints used by Vuong Thanh Cong come from famous brands with outstanding quality. The company says no to the use of poor quality paint that affects durability, paint is peeled, damaged after a short time.

Construction service of epoxy paint factory of Vuong Thanh Company Recognizes many positive reviews from customers. The construction process is carried out in order, in the right technique, quickly to limit the influence on the production process. When choosing this unit, customers will be committed to progress and long-term warranty.

Contact Info:

  • Address: M23 KDC Phu Thinh, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Phone number: 0903 918 061


Viet Tin Thanh

If you are looking for an epoxy coating factory in Dong Nai, Viet Tin Thanh is a contractor you can consider choosing. This unit is currently providing 2 solutions: self-leveling workshop epoxy paint and roller epoxy paint. Customers with needs will be consulted and answered by our staff to be able to choose the most suitable solution.

epoxy paint factory floor dong nai
Viet Tin Thanh’s factory construction service is highly appreciated by customers for its quality

Viet Tin Thanh carefully selects epoxy paints for factory construction. This unit prioritizes using domestic products to optimize costs, but the quality is still guaranteed. Epoxy paint has high strength, anti-static, anti-dust and good anti-friction.

The team of workers are all highly skilled, experienced and can apply epoxy paint in many different categories. All employees of Viet Tin Thanh are professional and responsible. In case customers need to complete urgently, the team of workers is ready to work overtime, giving their best support to be able to meet the requirements.

With an enthusiastic and responsible working attitude, Viet Tin Thanh leaves a deep impression on customers after each cooperation. The reputation built up after a long time has helped this unit to be named in the list of reputable epoxy coating contractors in Dong Nai.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 49B2 Group 3, Phuoc Tan Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Phone number: 0974 66 99 59
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Clean Thien Ha Industrial Hygiene

Thien Ha Clean Industrial Hygiene is a company providing industrial cleaning services for projects such as factories, apartments, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, factories, etc. Currently, in addition to spearhead and simple services. This position has expanded the scope of activities such as termite control services, construction epoxy paint factory.

Industrial Hygienist Thien Ha Clean has a team of experienced staff. All are well trained before serving customers. Supporting the personnel is modern and synchronous machinery and equipment. Thanks to the investment in both facilities and personnel, this unit can install epoxy paint in a quick time.

epoxy paint factory floor dong nai
Thien Ha Clean Industrial Hygiene offers an effective and cost-effective solution for epoxy factory construction

Customers who have worked with this unit are impressed by the enthusiastic and dedicated service attitude. Staff carefully advise on costs, construction plans and advantages and disadvantages of epoxy paint. As a result, customers can choose the most optimal solution in terms of cost.

Regarding the construction service of epoxy paint for the factory, Thien Ha Clean Industrial Hygiene has a long-term warranty policy. During the warranty period, the company will take all responsibility and assist in troubleshooting if problems arise. In addition to a professional working attitude, reasonable and competitive costs are also factors that help this unit build its reputation and position in the field.

Contact Info:

  • Address: E322 Ward Long Binh, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Phone number: 0979 616 200
  • Email:
  • Website:

Experience in choosing a reputable epoxy factory construction contractor in Dong Nai

Not less than Ho Chi Minh City or Binh Duong, the demand for epoxy paint for factories in Dong Nai is always high. The increased demand led to the appearance of a series of contractors and construction units. This causes many difficulties for customers when choosing a cooperation unit.

TopAZ Review has surveyed and summarized some experiences to help readers easily choose a reputable epoxy paint contractor in Dong Nai:

  • Years of experience: Based on the capacity profile, you can partly assess the experience and real capacity of the construction unit. Companies with many years of experience will bring the optimal solution, meeting both quality and cost requirements.
  • Construction layout: Construction of epoxy paint has many options and based on the actual work, the contractor will advise the most suitable construction layout. You should carefully study the contractor’s proposal and study it carefully before deciding to cooperate.
  • Paint quality: Currently on the market there are many different types of epoxy paints from domestic paints to paints imported from Korea, Japan… Before choosing a construction unit, you should discuss the type of paint the contractor uses to ensure efficiency and quality assurance.
  • Affordability: Optimizing cost is what businesses are interested in when using epoxy coatings for factories. Reasonable costs will help save operating costs and avoid financial losses for businesses. Therefore, you should compare the price lists of many places to find the most suitable contractor.
  • Commitment to progress: When painting epoxy workshops, production activities will be interrupted and this greatly affects the overall work. Therefore, when choosing a construction contractor, you should ask the unit to accurately calculate the progress and completion time so that you can arrange the time, ensuring that production activities are not affected too much.

Conclude: The demand for epoxy coating services for factories in Dong Nai is very large. Therefore, the number of contractors and construction units also increased constantly. To avoid choosing the wrong unit, you should research and objectively evaluate before making a choice.


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