Top 5 Dịch vụ sửa Tivi tại nhà ở Đà Nẵng uy tín, giá rẻ (Cập nhật)

Television is an important electronic device in the family, a place to connect members together, watching programs in a cozy evening. However, the damage to the TV causes your family’s entertainment space to be interrupted. With home TV repair service will save you time and effort. Please refer to 5 reputable and cheap home TV repair services in Da Nang to choose the right facility.

Review of 5 good quality home TV repair services in Da Nang

In the past, broken TVs cost families a lot of effort when they had to be transported to a repair center, consuming a lot of time and money. Currently, home TV repair services are being used by many families because of the convenience and speed they bring.

And choosing a quality home TV repair address is not a simple thing, it combines many factors. Choosing a good facility will help your family save money, time, and good repair quality.

Here are 5 reputable home TV repair services in Da Nang compiled by TopAZ Review, you can refer to:


Hoang Son Electronics

Hoang Son Electronics is remembered by the people of Da Nang every time the TV breaks, needs repair service at home. This place always puts prestige and quality on top, gaining the trust of households.

Address TV repair at home Hoang Son always provides long-term, quality services. The staff has many years of experience and is constantly learning, cultivating knowledge, learning about new and modern TV lines to be able to provide the best service to customers.

TV repair service at home in Da Nang
Hoang Son Electronics is a place that has long provided electronic equipment repair services.

The TV is damaged, you just need to make a phone call, Hoang Son Electronics will send a staff to your home to review and notify you of the damaged situation, how to repair it as soon as possible. Service at Hoang Son is evaluated as professional, good warranty and maintenance.

TV repair services at Hoang Son electronics are diverse such as: Fixing TV Circuit Board errors, Fixing TV not turning on, Professional flat screen TV repair, Fixing remote control not working, Fixing TV losing color, Repair fault all new TV lines today, Professional TV screen replacement… The variety of services to meet the needs of households.

With 20 years of experience, Hoang Son Electronics accepts to repair many types of televisions such as curved screen and flat screen LCD, LED, PLASMA, CRT of famous electronic brands such as Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic…

Before repairing, Hoang Son Electronics will conduct a free review and quote for customers. This place always wants to help customers solve difficult problems quickly, securely, and at an affordable price.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 131 Tran Le, Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le District, City. Danang
  • Phone number: 0905 316 699
  • Website:


Thuan Thanh Electronics

Thuan Thanh Electronics is one of the reputable and quality home TV repair facilities in Da Nang. This place always wants to bring customers the best services, solve electronic problems, and destroy inconveniences for households.

The team of technicians at Thuan Thanh electronics all have more than 15 years of experience in the field of electronics repair. Technicians are highly skilled, enthusiastic, attentive to bring the best results after repair.

Thuan Thanh Electronics provides the latest and most modern equipment for the repair work of technicians. Repaired TVs must be guaranteed in terms of quality, durability, and meet the needs of customers.

TV repair service at home in Da Nang
Thuan Thanh Electronics uses genuine components, ensuring quality and durability when used.

This place accepts to repair many types of TVs such as LCD, LED, PLASMA, CRT of familiar brands Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic… Repair service in Thuan Thanh also has a long-term warranty, helping customers Feel free to use the service.

Professional service attitude, technicians at Thuan Thanh help households fix TV errors in the shortest time. Each TV accessory that is replaced is from a genuine origin, ensuring safety and good quality.

In addition, Thuan Thanh electronics also provides many other services such as consulting on installation of karaoke systems, buying old TVs, selling all kinds of electronic products.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 328 Ton Dan, Hoa An Ward, Cam Le District, City. Danang
  • Phone number: 0905 74 75 79
  • Email: Vthuatv@Gmail.Com
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Full War Electronics

TV repair service at home has become an essential need of people in order to save travel costs, move bulky and easily damaged machinery. Toan Chien Electronics is a name that many households trust and choose.

The repair team has nearly 10 years of experience, high expertise, always enthusiastic, attentive customer support. A technician will quickly be at your home right after receiving the call, trying to shorten the time to fix the problem, return the TV in good working order to the family.

Prestigious home TV repair facility in Da Nang
Toan Chien Electronics takes customer satisfaction as a long-term development goal.

Reasons to choose to repair TV at home Toan Chien electronics:

  • Focus on troubleshooting, definitively resolving errors, without wasting customers’ time.
  • Good price.
  • Repair includes warranty service for TVs, helping families feel more secure during use.
  • Technicians are knowledgeable about TV failures.
  • In some cases that cannot be repaired at home, Toan Chien Electronics supports customers to transport TVs to the repair center for free.
  • Components used to replace broken devices in TVs are of genuine origin, with long-term warranties.
  • Quote for customers to understand before repairing.
  • Repairing many different types of TVs with familiar brands, helping customers to fix all problems, return entertainment space for the family.

TV repair process at Toan Chien electronic house:

Step 1: Approach customer needs

When receiving phone calls and requests from customers, the customer care department will quickly notify the technical department to send a technician to the house in the shortest time,

Step 2: Carry out inspection and repair

Before carrying out the repair, the technician must carefully check the TV, determine the damaged equipment and the cause, clearly tell the customer and report it to the company. At the same time, the technician also clearly explains the repair method for customers to understand.

Step 3: Carry out the repair

After the technician agrees on the price and repair method from the customer, the repair will be carried out. If replacing parts, technicians need to present genuine documents for customers’ peace of mind. After the repair is complete, restart the TV, if the TV works normally, the technician can pay and leave.

In addition, at Toan Chien electronics, there is a TV screen replacement service. This service is supported by manufacturers, warranties according to the manufacturer’s standards, customers can rest assured to use. The processes from quotation, screen replacement, invoice issuance, warranty card handover are all done according to regulations.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 21 Thai Thi Boi, Chinh Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, City. Danang
  • Phone number: 0932 565 060
  • Website:


Ba Thanh Refrigeration Electronics

Ba Thanh electronics and refrigeration is the first choice of many households when performing TV repair services at home in Da Nang. This address is trusted and chosen by many customers as well as suppliers.

In order to bring convenience to households, Ba Thanh electronics and refrigeration provides many services such as home TV repair, home air conditioner repair, air conditioner cleaning, refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, screen replacement. television, buying and selling old machines. It focuses on 5 main industries: Electronics, Refrigeration, Home Appliances, Information Technology, Telephone & Digital Entertainment Equipment.

Cheap TV repair address at home in Da Nang
All TV repair processes from Ba Thanh electronics and refrigeration are carried out in accordance with regulations.

The core value at Ba Thanh is taking the customer as the center, meeting all customers’ needs with an attitude of integrity, honesty and showing transparency in each stage of equipment repair and use.

A team of technicians with 15 years of experience in the field of repair, high expertise, is always enthusiastic about the profession. They are still continuing to perfect and innovate their skills to match and keep up with the development of modern technology and machines.

Ba Thanh Electronic and Refrigeration Center specializes in repairing thin TVs, repairing TV circuit boards, repairing damaged high-voltage TVs, powerless TVs, replacing TV circuits at home… In addition, this place also has a service to replace TV screens if customers goods in demand.

After receiving a broken phone from a customer, Ba Thanh will quickly send a technician to the place to check and repair. All processes from dispatching people, checking and repairing are carried out quickly, without wasting much time of customers.


  • Address: 134 Dong Ke, Hoa Khanh Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, City. Danang
  • Phone number: 0905640945
  • Email:
  • Website:


Anh Thinh Electronics

Anh Thinh Electronics is the next name that TopAZ Review chooses when it comes to home TV repair services in Da Nang. This place is highly appreciated by many customers for its reputation as well as the quality of repair.

Anh Thinh Electronics is currently developing a convenient and fast supply chain of repair services throughout the districts of Da Nang such as Son Tra district, Lien Chieu district, Hai Chau district, Thanh Khe district, Cam Le district, Hoa Vang district. , Ngu Hanh Son district. The center always wants to bring customers the best services, saving time.

Address to repair TV at home in Da Nang
Technicians at Anh Thinh electronics are always enthusiastic to support customers, providing the most optimal repair solutions.

The team of technicians at Anh Thinh electronics are experienced, always enthusiastic support whenever customers need. With his experience, Anh Thinh always advises customers with optimal repair solutions, saving time, saving money but still achieving good quality.

The components used by Anh Thinh technicians are of genuine origin, ensuring the quality and durability of the components. All spare parts are covered by warranty. This place considers customer satisfaction as a long-term development orientation.

In addition to TV repair at home, Anh Thinh Electronics also has many other services, meeting all the needs of households such as: repairing refrigerators, repairing washing machines, repairing air conditioners…


  • Address: 731 Resettlement 4, Hoa Lien Ward, Hoa Vang District, City. Danang
  • Phone number: 0935063057
  • Email:
  • Website:

Criteria for choosing a reputable and quality home TV repair service in Da Nang

In Da Nang, more and more home TV repair services are springing up. However, if you choose a poor quality facility, it will make home electronic equipment worse, consuming a lot of time and money.

You need to note a few criteria when choosing a facility with home TV repair service in Da Nang:

  • Reputable establishments: You should choose a reputable home TV repair facility, which is highly appreciated by many people for its service quality, professional service attitude, enthusiastic support, and meeting the needs of your family.
  • Technicians: This is a determining factor in whether or not your device is in good repair. With a team of professional technicians, with extensive experience in the field of repair, will help your family fix the problem, solve the device’s fault.
  • Use genuine parts: Reputable home TV repair addresses will cooperate with major electronics companies, using genuine components, with a warranty period.
  • Affordability: In shoddy establishments, staff will likely point out many non-existent errors that will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, choosing a quality address, consulting about the cost before letting the technician carry out the repair will help you feel more secure.

Conclude: Home repair services are currently very popular in the market, in order to save time and effort in transportation and still fix mechanical problems. Above are 5 reputable, quality, affordable home TV repair services in Da Nang that you can refer to and choose from.


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