Top 5 Quán cơm niêu ngon tại Vũng Tàu nên đến thử một lần (Cập nhật)

Exploring culinary culture is an indispensable activity in tourism, entertainment and sightseeing. In particular, at 5 delicious rice pot restaurants in Vung Tau, you should try once not only to impress you with the coastal city but also to be an “addictive” dish thanks to its unique and rustic taste.

Cheap rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau
Which restaurant in Vung Tau is the most delicious and clean?

Review of 5 delicious rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau with good quality and good price

When visiting Vung Tau, one of the unique dishes that tourists should not miss is rice pot. This is a rustic dish cooked with traditional white rice or more diverse types of rice and sticky rice that were modified in later times. Accompanied by many simple dishes, reminiscent of the taste of home but extremely delicate and attractive to users.

Let’s explore with TopAZ Review the menus of some delicious rice cookers in Vung Tau to see the following features that tourists and locals cannot ignore:


Hoa Sua rice pot restaurant – Vung Tau

Attracting a large number of customers thanks to its unique name – Hoa Sua Rice Pot Restaurant is a definite dining destination that readers should not miss. Owning a spacious, clean space with many delicious dishes will create a good impression in visitors.

Stepping to the restaurant, guests can easily see the design is very suitable for traditional Vietnamese dishes. The areca bushes, banana bushes are used as decorative trees “scattered” around the shop. The tile roof brings a strange feeling of nostalgia.

Tables and chairs inside with deep brown tones with wooden house structure, neatly arranged and clean. Chopsticks and condiments with lids are neatly and fully placed on each 2-person, 4-person dining table, collective dining table or family-style dining table. High recliner creates a comfortable feeling, enjoy every meal.

In addition to the usual rooms, Hoa Sua is one of the few rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau that has its own air-conditioned space for diners who need to use a cool and comfortable place to eat.

Delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau
Hoa Sua rice pot restaurant cooks familiar dishes, creating a family atmosphere for diners right in the country

The menu of the shop is quite diverse with dishes from popular to delicious. Seafood and many other foods are processed into many unique and flavorful dishes such as: savory braised dishes, stir-fried vegetables, beef, frogs, eel fish, specialty dishes, squid/crab/crab, shrimp, fish , chicken, bird, hot pot dishes, rabbit, baba, …

Particularly, the pot rice is cooked with white rice with a faint aroma, medium flexibility and is very reasonable to eat in combination with salty dishes. The pot is fired with high-quality clay, so when cooking, the rice is completely free from the smell of the pot.

Besides, Hoa Su rice pot restaurant also has branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria. At the same time, this is also the place where people nearby often book weddings, birthdays or congratulatory parties. The restaurant is in charge of decorating and preparing the ordered dishes.

Reference price: 55,000 – 150,000 VND

Contact Info:

  • Address: 569/19A Nguyen An Ninh, City. Vung Tau
  • Phone: 0254 357 1572
  • Website:


Dai Viet rice pot

The next delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau, TopAZ Review would like to suggest to readers is Dai Viet rice pot. Aiming to ensure the health and safety of consumers, Dai Viet rice cookers only use clean organic ingredients in food processing as well as ensure hygiene and safety from the most basic stages.

The team of chefs is skilled in cooking, seasoning with rich spices and creating dishes that are not only delicious but also extremely pleasing to the eye. Staff working in the cooking area are equipped with uniforms as well as protective gear to prevent factors such as sweat and hair loss from being accidentally mixed into the food.

Friendly service staff, good ordering skills, quickly answering customer questions as well as helping to choose dishes that suit regional tastes effectively. Combined with a professional working style, it creates absolute satisfaction for locals and tourists.

Delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau prestigious
Dai Viet rice pot is elegantly arranged, creating a feeling of comfort and satisfaction when coming to the restaurant

Thanks to fresh ingredients imported directly from fresh food suppliers, ensuring food safety, the dishes served with rice pot here are delicious and nutritious. A meal with affordable price but enough for the whole family with many options.

The rustic dishes are chosen by many guests to eat with typical Dai Viet rice, such as braised fish, sour soup, eggplant with shrimp paste, boiled meat, grilled meat, etc. In addition, the restaurant also provides offers many dishes made from seafood such as: sea grouper, rich peach red snapper, Ca cuong fish sauce, ….

The space is delicately designed with a combination of traditional and modern with the main black color. The restaurant consists of two spacious, airy floors and an “open-air” dining area on pleasant weather days or an airy option for dinner.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 2B Le Hong Phong, Thang Tam Ward, City. Vung Tau
  • Phone: 091 475 5055
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Hometown Rice Pot

Surely readers will not be able to take their eyes off when they come to a delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau called Que Nha rice pot. The tables and chairs and all the furniture in the shop are designed to simulate bamboo and modern designs, creating a rather nostalgic and unique space.

Around the wall are thin bamboo panels, creating an ancient atmosphere as if you are reliving a family meal in the time of grandparents. In addition, there are rustic and familiar dishes cooked and served in pots of all sizes.

The best rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau
Homemade rice pot cooks dishes directly in earthenware pots, creating an unforgettable flavor

The rice pot is cooked in an earthenware pot with a pleasant aroma, a thin layer of burnt rice surrounds the bottom of the pot and is served with a delicious “burnt” braised dish. The dishes, though simple, are especially appreciated by the guests. Savory dishes, soups, stir-fries, pickles and salt are seasoned with rich flavor, mixed with hot white rice to create a full-flavoured meal.

The peak time of Que Nha rice pot is usually at midday. Therefore, to be served quickly, diners can visit the restaurant in the afternoon or evening to avoid crowds and long waits.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 158 Le Hong Phong, Ward 7, City. Vung Tau
  • Phone: 0906 456 905
  • Fanpage:


Pure Vietnamese rice pot

Located in the heart of the coastal city, Thuan Viet rice pot makes a difference with rustic and idyllic dishes. Combined with the restaurant’s space with the simple nature of Vietnamese people, it is a factor that attracts diners by the familiarity and friendliness.

Corresponding with the spacious and spacious appearance is the professional working and serving style of the service staff and the kitchen. The dining table is arranged neatly and cleanly with paper towels to ensure hygiene. The front yard is tiled with enough space for customers to park motorbikes and cars.

Delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau
Thuan Viet rice pot is the destination of most tourists and locals in Vung Tau

The menu at Thuan Viet rice pot must be said to be delicious “armpit pain” with a strong aroma from the moment you enter the restaurant. Mainly simple and familiar dishes, but make up a delicious meal in a foreign country. The rice pot menu is served with popular savory dishes such as: boiled vegetables, braised fish, stir-fried morning glory with garlic, eggplant with onion fat, crab soup with jute vegetables, sweet and sour soup with persimmon, …

Not only delicious, but the dishes are also beautifully presented by the kitchen on earthenware pots, plates and bowls in a perfect manner. Bring a sense of satisfaction to all diners from the aesthetic eye to the delicious taste of the dish.

The price here is quite cheap compared to a high quality family meal. Raw materials, vegetables and fruits are selected fresh products, preserved, carefully washed and processed by the chef’s talented hands into dishes that create unforgettable taste.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 415 Thong Nhat Moi, Ward 8, City. Vung Tau
  • Phone: 070 708 4572
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Rice pot restaurant 55 Vung Tau

Com Nieu 55 is a delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau that was opened and put into operation in culinary for quite a long time. The spacious restaurant can accommodate up to 350 diners at a time. Besides, the professional support of the service staff to bring comprehensive meals to customers.

The dishes at rice pot 55 Vung Tau are on a diverse menu. Processed in the style of three North – Central – South regions so that every customer has a suitable taste. Mainly familiar dishes such as: boiled vegetables, fried squash with garlic, braised fish, shrimp and sour soup, butter fried chicken wings, sweet and sour fried squid, fried melon with shrimp, boiled spinach, salad mixed with vinegar, Stir-fried Thien Ly with garlic, braised meat with fish sauce, …

Good quality rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau
Thuan Viet rice pot – Not only a delicious meal, but also a spiritual value, eye-catching beauty with a thoughtful presentation of dishes.

In parallel, the dishes are combined with rice cooked in a fragrant, flexible, hot pot that is very attractive. The layer of white rice is surrounded by burnt rice at the bottom of the pot and served with a very flavorful braised dish.

The airy space has a cool fan system to create a pleasant atmosphere. Tables and chairs are cleaned every time guests come and go. The toilet area is built separately, fully equipped for diners to use comfortably and conveniently.

The cost of meals at rice pot 55 also depends on the price of imported vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. However, rice pot 55 Vung Tau is the address that receives many comments with a reasonable price compared to the quality of service and food.

Currently, the shop only focuses on operating at 2 branches in Vung Tau. Therefore, customers should know the information well to avoid confusion with other less reputable establishments.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 55 Le Hong Phong, Ward 7, City. Vung Tau
  • Phone: 0797 760 099
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

Note when choosing the best rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau, the most famous and best quality

Vung Tau in particular and tourist destinations are favorable places for the development and promotion of specialties and unique features in the regional culture. However, there are many establishments that open for the purpose of making a profit but do not focus on investing in culinary quality. Therefore, the appearance of many unsanitary and poor quality restaurants and eateries here is inevitable.

In order to choose the most prestigious dining places, such as delicious rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau, readers should “pocket” a few things to pay attention to:

  • Consult acquaintances, local people: Usually, the locals will choose the places with the best food quality as their regular destination. Besides, they are also people who have lived in the area for a long time, so they can provide you with delicious rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau that are worth a try.
  • Restaurants with a large number of customers: The delicious rice pot restaurants in Vung Tau that provide good service as well as prepare delicious food will attract a large number of new customers as well as longtime patrons. Therefore, readers can consider choosing, avoiding places that are too empty in Vung Tau or tourist areas.
  • Ensure safety and hygiene: Food is for enjoyment, but it is also a way to fuel the body with nutritious food. Therefore, to ensure safety, visitors need to focus on the food hygiene factor and the guaranteed processing process of the delicious rice pot restaurant in Vung Tau you intend to try.
  • Reasonable selling price: Many delicious rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau quote customers based on familiarity and familiarity. Therefore, often tourists will be “hacked” with unbelievable prices for a meal. Therefore, before using, you should consult or ask the price to ensure a suitable payment for a delicious meal.

Conclude: Hopefully the top 5 delicious rice-pot restaurants in Vung Tau that TopAZ Review has compiled will help you and your family have more places to discover delicious cuisine. Complete a fun, quality and safe vacation with unique specialties at tourist destinations.


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