Top 5 Salon làm tóc đẹp tại TP Đà Lạt uy tín, chất lượng (Cập nhật)

Hairdressing is a hobby of most women, especially on the occasion of Tet. Beauty salons in Da Lat city are always interested by women. Because a hair is not only beautiful on the outside but also needs to be healthy on the inside, keeping the style for a long time and easy to take care of. To choose a hair salon that meets all the criteria, you can refer to the following suggestions.

Review 5 Reliable hair salon in Da Lat city

In order to meet the beauty needs of women, many beautiful hair salons in Da Lat City were born, converging all professional requirements, updating the latest hair trends today, fully equipped with modern equipment. equipment, modern facilities, etc. All with the desire to bring the best service to customers.

The demand for beauty in general and making in particular is increasing day by day. Accordingly, the hairstyle created is not only suitable for the face, according to the wishes of the customer, but also needs to be safe, does not affect the hair, reduces the maximum level of damage, and at the same time retains the style as long as possible. body.


Hair salon Love & Quang’s hair

Hair salon Love & Quang Hair salon is one of the beautiful hair salons in Da Lat city that is well appreciated and has a high rate of customers returning to experience the service, especially on the occasion of Tet and holidays. Salon constantly updates the latest trends to bring the best hair services to customers.

Love & Quang Hair has strengths in services: Curling, straightening, dyeing, men’s & women’s haircuts, hair extensions, etc. Every hair style, color is done by experienced technicians, constantly improving. Highly professional, listen to customers’ opinions and always be creative to create the best “finished product”.

In particular, the hair extension service at the salon is chosen by many customers. With high technique and meticulousness in each hair, you will own a strong, shiny hair like real hair, without breakage but previous hair extension techniques.

Hair salon Love & Quang's hair
Hair salon Love & Quang’s hair is chosen by many women in Da Lat

Not only having a passion for creating hairstyles, Hair Love & Quang also focuses on hair health. Therefore, the product lines used by the salon are all imported from big brands, both for styling and for effective hair care and restoration.

Before the service, you will have a scalp exam, from which the experts will analyze the hair problems you are having. At the same time, advise on how to care and use restorative products (for damaged hair) to help keep hair healthy and beautiful.

Hair Love & Quang also has a warranty policy for each hairdressing service. For curled hair will be warranted for 15 days and 10 days for dyed hair. This ensures the interests of customers as well as solves problems that arise.

The space at the salon is spacious, fully equipped with chairs, mirrors and hair service tools. The staff at Toc love & Quang are always happy, enthusiastic and answer customers’ questions about the service quickly and clearly.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 36 Nguyen Trai, Ward 10, City. Da Lat
  • Phone number: 0787 086 789
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


JINO Hair Salon

Founded with Tra Dinh Nguyen – Passionate about hairstyling and talent. After more than 12 years of operation, JINO Hair Salon has received the love and trust of customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Da Lat. Salon is committed to providing quality hair services and absolute satisfaction from customers.

Salon is invested in a system of modern facilities, large-scale and fully equipped with specialized tools, imported from big brands and all passed the safety inspection for health. Salon space brings a luxurious look but no less comfortable.

JINO is proud to own a team of leading experts in the field of hair styling. They are trained from many countries such as Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Along with long-term experience and talent, they will help you own a perfect hairstyle, create a distinct style, suitable for your personality.

Beauty salon in Da Lat city
JINO Hair Salon has a team of highly skilled, meticulous and dedicated hairdressers

JINO Hair Salon not only focuses on external hair style and color, but also cares about the health of the hair. Therefore, in parallel with hairstyling, the salon also restores hair with famous products from L’Oréal Professionnel to bring the best results.

Customer satisfaction is the motivation for all JINO Hair Salon staff to strive and develop more. Salon always actively updates the current hair styling trends to meet the beauty needs of customers quickly and effectively.

Besides performing hairdressing services, JINO Hair Salon is also a prestigious hair training academy in Da Lat. The number of students here is increasing every year because of the quality curriculum, clear and easy-to-understand curriculum and reasonable tuition fees.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 112 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, City. Da Lat
  • Phone number: 1900 3021
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


TOKYO Hair Institute

Always improving service quality and keeping up to date with the latest hairstyling trends are strong points at TOKYO Hair Institute. Not only known as a beautiful hair salon in Da Lat city, the institute is also a vocational training center, helping you realize your dreams and unleash your creativity in new hair styles.

TOKYO Hair Institute has strengths in fashion coloring, ombre, highlighting, steam dyeing, wavy, hippie curls, cup straightening, straightening, keratin hair restoration, etc. Professional staff, skilled, skillful, meticulous in each cut to create the most perfect hairstyle.

TOKYO Hair Institute
TOKYO Hair Institute always creates and updates the current “hot” hair styling trends

The institute focuses on styling and restorative products that deliver good results while ensuring hair strength. The product lines are carefully selected, coming from famous brands, especially the dyes that help to get the standard color after only 1 dyeing.

When you come here, you will be consulted by the staff to choose a hair model and color that suits your personality, face and preferences. You will also be able to consult a collection of hair samples from customers who have performed the service and can evaluate the quality of hairdressing at TOKYO Hair Institute.

In order for customers to have the most comfortable experience when doing hair, the institute invests in a system of modern facilities, soft seats, convenient large mirrors along with spacious and comfortable space. TOKYO Hair Institute will definitely bring the best service along with customer satisfaction.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 113 Nguyen Cong Tru, Ward 2, City. Da Lat
  • Phone number: 076 892 6789
  • Fanpage:


Salon Phuc Bao

If you are looking for a quality and reputable hairdressing address in the city of “thousands of flowers” at a reasonable cost, Salon Phuc Bao is a suitable suggestion. Located in Ward 6 of the city. Da Lat and Phuc Bao are sought after by many women when they have a need to care, restore, change their hairstyle or dye a new hair color.

The quality of service to the service attitude of the staff here always satisfy customers. The team of hairdressers graduated from prestigious hair institutes, have many years of experience in the hair styling industry, constantly learning, improving their qualifications and updating new trends at home and abroad to meet the needs. Dyeing, styling the best hair.

Salon Phuc Bao
Hair dyeing service at Salon Phuc Bao is chosen by many customers and has positive feedback

Because of the talent and professionalism, the staff at Salon Phuc Bao is committed to providing hair services according to the requirements of customers. Accordingly, the dyes or hairstyles will all bring the same results as the model you selected earlier. All want to create the best quality “finished product”.

In addition to outstanding services such as straightening, cutting, dyeing, curling, the salon also restores damaged hair with keratin and collagen, etc. Hairstyling can cause hair to fall, weak and easily damaged, so it needs to be combined. with revitalizing to help strengthen hair as well as keep the desired style for a long time.

Salon Phuc Bao often has promotions on holidays, Tet and many combos according to hair length. If you have a hairdressing need, you can contact the staff for specific advice on services and costs. The staff at the salon are always enthusiastic, happy and quick to respond.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 56/19 Hai Thuong, Ward 6, City. Da Lat
  • Phone number: 093 348 83 83
  • Fanpage:


German Hair Dressing

Duc Hair Dressing is not only a destination for women who have a hobby of doing hair, taking care of their hair, but also having moments of relaxation. The space here is luxuriously designed with the main color being gray and white, creating a “chill” feeling. Besides, the seats are also selected with the best materials to bring a comfortable feeling when sitting.

For chemical services such as dyeing, fashion coloring, curling, straightening, etc., at Germany Hair Dressing is committed to using genuine products, ensuring safety for hair and health. Salon only uses customer photos for hair services, so you can be assured of hair color as well as style.

The process of consulting and viewing the hair condition is full of steps. In case of damaged hair, you will be instructed on how to care as well as consult a hair restoration service before performing chemical services to protect hair as well as not affect the results after styling.

Beauty salon in Da Lat city
Duc Hair Dressing has a professional service style and high quality service

Hairstylists at Germany Hair Dressing are not only skilled and professional, but also proactive in improving expertise, applying modern hairstyling techniques, following trends to meet beauty needs. customers quickly and thoughtfully.

Hairdressing costs at Germany Hair Dressing will be consulted before deciding to perform the service. If you have a need for a hairdresser, you should book an appointment in advance because the number of customers coming here every day is quite large, especially on holidays, New Year and special promotions.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 42 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 9, City. Da Lat
  • Phone number: 038 286 6035
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:

The secret to choosing a beautiful, affordable hair salon

Owning a personality hair color, expressing the right style or a hairstyle suitable for the face helps you to be more beautiful and more confident in daily activities and communication. Therefore, choosing a hair salon is very important because it not only determines the style and color of your hair, but also ensures safety and health.

Here are some tips for choosing a beautiful hair salon in Da Lat city, compiled by TopAZ Review:

  • Check out the media channels: Before choosing a hairdressing address, you should consult on communication channels such as facebook, website to see previous customer reviews and hairstyles that the salon has ever done as well as facilities,… In addition, you can also consult with relatives and friends to make a suitable choice.
  • Hairdresser skills: Hair styling results depend on the skill of the hairdresser. To recognize their skills and expertise, you can go through a consultation, assess the condition of your hair and recommend necessary services or not. The hairdressers have the heart and vision that they always aim for quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Service attitude: A professional salon always has a team of attentive and dedicated service staff. Having professional knowledge and understanding of the service being provided, from which to answer customers’ questions quickly, clearly and in the most detail.
  • Products used: Hair services using chemicals must always ensure a clear product origin, have a certificate of safety for health and do not cause hair damage. Accordingly, you can ask to see the product brand before use to make sure.
  • Affordability: A reputable, professional salon will provide a detailed price list of each service before you do your hair. And commit not to incur any fees during the service performance. In addition, some salons have warranties to ensure the interests of customers.

Conclude: Hopefully with the TOP 5 beauty salon in Da Lat city compiled by TopAZ Review, it will help you better understand the service. From there, consider carefully to choose a reputable, reliable address that meets the criteria of beauty, safety and reasonable price.


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