Top 5 Shop hoa tươi tại quận 12, TPHCM hoa đẹp, uy tín nhất (Cập nhật)

Readers are looking for fresh flowers to give as gifts? Are you about to organize a birthday party, wedding, or retirement but have not found a reputable fresh flower decoration service? TopAZ Review introduces readers to 5 fresh flower shops in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City that are beautiful, cheap and best quality.

Review of 5 fresh flower shops in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City are highly appreciated

The demand for fresh flowers has never stopped being hot in all times. Especially during holidays, events, keywords including “fresh flowers” appear continuously on websites and search engines. Many flower shops are out of stock, not having enough flowers to supply people.

However, not all stores meet the product quality standards. To avoid those flower shops, readers can refer to the article about the most reliable 5 fresh flower shops in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City below:


Tinh An fresh flower shop

Demand for fresh flowers in the market is gradually becoming a trend for special occasions or as gifts for loved ones. Understanding that, Tinh An fresh flower shop provides a large number of fresh cut flowers every day.

Tinh An is famous for flowers for popular events in our country. Flower shop opening, large and small businesses; congratulatory flowers in parties, birthdays, baby showers; bridal bouquet; convenient bouquets as gifts; Condolence flowers at funerals.

Fresh flower shop in District 12
Tinh An fresh flowers are the most meaningful gift for loved ones

Each flower basket, flower shelf or bouquet from large to small is combined into many creative designs, with different harmonious color combinations. In particular, each finished product is named by the shop to suit its unique style and meaning.

The shop has a team that specializes in sorting flowers before handing them over to weavers into products. Take care to optimally remove crushed, damaged, and withered flowers. They are both sub-workers and have a great passion for flowers and are in the process of learning to develop in this field.

A team of professional fresh flower artists, with creative ability and extremely good aesthetic eye. The works they make should always attract and satisfy the most demanding customers. Therefore, this is also a fresh flower shop in Ho Chi Minh City that has received the trust of many people in the area.

In addition, the shop has exclusively hired delivery personnel. So, if you have a need to deliver flowers directly to the recipient, just call the hotline number or text through the website, fanpage. Your order will be prepared and shipped within two to five hours.

Each order before delivery is photographed and sent to the customer to check before shipping. Besides, the shop also has free shipping programs for each area or minimum value. It is allowed to exchange and refund when the shop delivers the wrong order with the order you have previously ordered.

Visit the website of Tinh An fresh flower shop to update more beautiful and strange flower patterns. As well as adding a lot of useful knowledge about fresh flowers and styles suitable for each occasion.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 481 Truong Thi Hoa, Tan Thoi Hiep Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 090 875 1069
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


My Thuan fresh flower shop

This is a fresh flower shop in District 12 with a very cute owner, dedicated to advising customers to make the best choice. Most customers who come to My Thuan flower shop once will definitely come back many times later, because the flower service here is so cheap and the quality meets their expectations.

My Thuan flower shop is a passion and a place to spread the beauty and love of flowers to everyone. The interests of customers are the top concern in the shop’s operating criteria. Therefore, the My Thuan team serves with the heart to bring the most valuable fresh flower buying experience.

The shop is known by many people in the area through the services of providing fresh flowers for weddings, party decorations, bridal bouquets, hard flowers, birthday parties, grand opening, condolence, flower gate design, flower car, decorate ancestral table, decorate flower arrangement in wedding party, …

Fresh flower shop in District 12
My Thuan flower shop provides wedding and party decoration services with high quality fresh flowers

Florists and assistants are selected and trained by the shop owner. From choosing flowers, arranging flowers to consulting customers, are communicated in detail and clearly to create a comfortable shopping space for customers.

Stores sell directly and deliver to your place on demand, every time frame, many areas. Operating from Monday to Sunday, serving customers even on holidays.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 346 Ha Huy Giap, Ward. Thanh Loc, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 093 813 9390
  • Website:


Nha Phuong fresh flower shop

Specializing in providing flower electric services and fresh flower products directly at the store, Nha Phuong flower shop operates with the focus on customers. Always adhere to business ethics, quality assurance, prestige in each service with reasonable price.

Wishing to achieve the mission of becoming the leading flower shop and electrician in the Vietnamese market, Nha Phuong fresh flower always makes constant efforts to improve facilities and service quality. Shop instead of what you want to say, convey the message to the recipient of flowers through the most delicate and meaningful products.

This fresh flower shop in District 12 has florists, flower sorting assistants and a team of enthusiastic and creative consultants who will surely serve customers in the best way. When coming to Nha Phuong, readers will be supported to choose meaningful and eventful flowers, right for the recipient’s taste.

Fresh flower shop in District 12
Nha Phuong fresh flowers have all kinds of flowers to meet the diverse wishes of customers

Nha Phuong is committed to honesty in business activities, transparency and publicity of transactions as well as quality to customers. Each flower product is made from carefully selected and guaranteed ingredients.

The team always listens to all opinions and needs to share, understand and bring the most satisfactory gift products. Committed to speed, professional, on-time delivery and full money if late delivery.

Catching up with modern technology 4.0, Nha Phuong fresh flower system is communicated on many social media such as youtube, instagram, website platform to reach all customers and expand the store’s development worldwide. country.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 312 To Ngoc Van, Ward 5, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 0903 740 919
  • Website:


Cai Nhi Flower & Wedding

Not only a prestigious fresh flower shop in District 12, Cai Nhi Flower & Wedding is also known to many people as an address specializing in providing wedding, birthday, anniversary, and birthing services. The finished products of cut flowers are diversified, decorated with flexible fresh flowers according to the required style, which the shop focuses on investing and developing during the period of formation and development.

Many kinds of fresh flowers are imported directly from flower gardens in Da Lat. Rare flowers, exotic colors from abroad are also fully provided to meet the needs of customers. Each flower spike is carefully selected, using only fresh flowers, not crushed petals to form a finished product.

Fresh flower shop in District 12
CaiNhi Flower & Wedding design flowers with suitable and creative colors

Fresh flower services for gifts or events, congratulations, party flowers, birthdays, … at CaiNhi Flower & Wedding are all conceived and implemented by the shop owner and staff.

With many years of experience in the profession, the owner is capable of imparting and training her staff to become good florists who can flexibly meet the criteria set by the customer.

If you are too busy or not in the city, you can call the hotline to receive advice and order flowers. The shop will support delivery to the recipient at any time frame requested by the customer. Flower and shipping costs will be adjusted and communicated to the customer prior to delivery.

In addition to pure flower products, the shop can also support you to arrange flowers and fruits or many other accompanying accessories. Create vibrancy, value and bring double joy to recipients.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 596 Truong Chinh, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 0916411966
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Ocean Flower

With the goal of being a place to “catch the bridge – connect love”, Hoa Dai Duong hopes that the fresh flower products provided by the shop will be a gift to help connect people closer together. With meaningful messages and quality service, Hoa Dai Duong tries to become a fresh flower shop in District 12 that attracts the most customers.

Besides, the shop also has an electric flower service for those who order online and for busy customers. Flowers will be delivered to your door and you can choose to pay in advance or later by cash or transfer according to your needs.

Fresh flower shop in District 12
Ocean Flower staff is always ready to deliver flowers in all areas

As one of the addresses with reputable flower delivery services in Ho Chi Minh City, the shop has a way to order including extremely simple steps with detailed instructions. Product images are captured in real time with high definition. On-time delivery service will bring you quality and attractive flower service.

Dai Duong Flower Shop regularly launches many new and unique flower collections suitable for many events, festivals and as gifts on many special occasions. Accompanying customers in the journey of conquering love, creating solemnity, contributing to bringing joy in many important events.

The biggest strength of the shop is receiving flower arrangements according to the price and design proposed by the customer. Ensure that the number of flowers is adequate, of the right standards and in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 59 Le Van Khuong, Thoi An Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone: 0987.259.161
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

Guide to choosing the most prestigious fresh flower shop in District 12

Not only many other items, but flowers are also the most ordered products online in recent years. Each fresh flower product is designed with a different number of branches and styles. Buyers can only rely on images on the website or social networking sites and through a consultant to place an order.

So to find a fresh flower shop in District 12 with good service, readers should refer to the following guidelines to avoid choosing poor quality stores:

  • Flower quality: Shop provides fresh flower services on the market more and more. However, there are some addresses that use imported cold brew flowers to form products, which cannot maintain the freshness of flowers. Therefore, readers need to pay attention to the quality of the shop’s flowers to avoid buying poor quality products.
  • Based on actual assessment: When having the opportunity to come directly at the store, readers can easily choose the quality of flowers and approach the service. But if you order flowers online, it’s a big problem. Therefore, you can consult with relatives or general reviews from customers who have experienced the online shopping service at the store.
  • Fast delivery service: Fresh cut flowers need to be stored in an environment with a suitable temperature. Therefore, if the transit time is too long, it will greatly affect the quality and freshness of the flowers. Choose fast delivery facilities, on time to ensure the most satisfactory flower products.
  • Public return and purchase policy: Each store has its own business rules, but they are all created with the purpose of serving customers. Therefore, readers should carefully study the purchase information as well as the preferential and exchange regimes to ensure their rights.
  • Cost: Flowers can be designed according to individual style and financial requirements. However, the price at each store is not the same, readers should refer to many fresh flower shops in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City to choose a shop with a suitable selling price.

Conclude: Products made up of fresh cut flowers are indispensable decorations, making the atmosphere of events become solemn. Hopefully the above overview reviews about 5 fresh flower shops in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City will help readers when in need.


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