Top 5 Studio chụp ảnh cưới đẹp tại TP. Vĩnh Long uy tín, chuyên nghiệp (Cập nhật)

Wedding photography studios in Vinh Long City will help couples keep happy moments before the wedding. To get a beautiful set of photos in your favorite style, couples should consult carefully before choosing a studio.

Review 5 beautiful wedding photography studios in Vinh Long city, professional, good price

Wedding photos capture the most beautiful and happy moments. So every couple wants to have a beautiful wedding photo shoot in the style that they love. In addition to preparing wedding procedures, couples are also concerned about choosing a wedding photography studio.

The wedding photography studios in Vinh Long City that are summarized by TopAZ Review are all professional and reputable stores. Couples who are intending to take wedding photos can refer to before making a choice:


Studio Ngoc Tao

Studio Ngoc Tao is a famous studio in Vinh Long City. The shop specializes in wedding photography, family photography, pregnancy photography, mother and baby photography, etc. The studio has many different styles and concepts of wedding photography such as Korean style, European style, vintage style. Chinese style wedding photos.

In addition to studio wedding photography, the shop also accepts outdoor wedding photography in areas in Vinh Long city or shoots in Vung Tau, Hoi An, Da Lat, etc. With a variety of shooting concepts, couples can own Sparkling wedding photos according to your preferences.

permanent wedding photography studio
Studio Ngoc Tao is chosen by many couples when they have a need to take wedding photos

Studio Ngoc Tao quickly updates trending shooting concepts to meet the requirements and preferences of couples. The studio’s crew are all experienced, dedicated and responsive. Ready to support couples in the process of taking photos and choosing clothes that are suitable for their body shape.

Studio Ngoc Tao’s photography team can meet the requirements of couples and turn all ideas into reality. During the shooting process, the team will help the couples pose and naturally express themselves for the most beautiful and impressive set of photos.

In addition, the makeup team of Studio Ngoc Tao is also highly skilled, enthusiastically supporting the bride and groom during the shooting process. Most of the customers who have taken photos at Studio Ngoc Tao are satisfied with the service quality. To have an objective assessment of the service, readers can refer to some of Studio Ngoc Tao’s photos on the official website and fanpage.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Binh Minh, City. Vinh Long (about 2km from Can Tho bridge in the direction of Tra O)
  • Phone number: 093 989 8986
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Rio Studio

As a professional studio in Vinh Long, Rio Studio is chosen by many couples when in need of wedding photography. The studio has strengths in outdoor photography, especially concepts in Da Lat. In addition, the shop also accepts wedding photography at the studio and film studio for couples who do not want to travel far.

Rio Studio has many years of experience in the field. The team of photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers and all crew members are well-trained. Working style is agile, professional, ready to support customers during the photography process.

permanent wedding photography studio
Rio Studio owns a variety of shooting concepts that can meet the needs and preferences of couples

Thanks to many years of experience, Rio Studio’s photography team is able to assist couples in choosing a solution that suits their budgets and preferences. Photographers also find beautiful angles to enhance the beauty and happiness of couples.

The wedding albums made by Rio Studio all have beautiful colors, the concept is not too picky but the new shooting angle creates a unique layout and high aesthetics. During the shooting process, the studio also prepares some supporting equipment such as lighting equipment, backdrops, camera lenses, props, etc., so that the couples have sparkling and right images.

Another factor that helps Rio Studio to be named in the top of beautiful wedding photography studios in Vinh Long is a team of highly skilled makeup artists. Through skillful hands and good aesthetic eyes, the makeup artist team will help the bride and groom become more radiant in the photo shoot.

According to many couples, the price of wedding photography here is quite diverse. Couples can easily choose a concept that suits their preferences and budget. In addition, the studio will also support couples to save money by optimizing the cost of makeup, renting wedding dresses, men’s suits, etc.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 294C Nguyen Van Thiet, Ward 3, City. Vinh Long
  • Phone number: 0939 469 442
  • Email:


Hong Cuc Wedding

With the desire to help couples to be completely happy in their wedding ceremony, Hong Cuc Wedding brings prestigious and professional wedding organization services. One of the most popular services here is wedding photography.

Hong Cuc Wedding has many models of wedding dresses and vests for the bride and groom. The store regularly updates beautiful and trendy wedding dress models so that the bride is the most gorgeous in the wedding photos and at the wedding party. Hong Cuc Wedding also pays great attention to the skills of the makeup team so that couples can have beautiful and sparkling wedding photos.

permanent wedding photography studio
With many years of experience, Hong Cuc Wedding is chosen by couples when in need of wedding photography

The shop has a lot of wedding photography concepts such as traditional concept with ao dai, Korean-style wedding photography, classic style, luxurious European style, etc. In addition, Hong Cuc Wedding also accepts arrangements. concept according to the preferences and requirements of the couples.

Not only shooting outdoor scenes in Hoi An, Vung Tau, Da Lat, etc. Hong Cuc Wedding also finds beautiful shooting angles right in Vinh Long so that couples can have a unique set of wedding photos but do not have to travel too far and cost money. is also significantly optimized. A team of experienced and sensitive photographers captures natural moments. Support couples in posing, choosing a beautiful face angle, etc.

When choosing Hong Cuc Wedding, couples will be enthusiastically supported during the photography process. Professional and experienced crew will help the photo shoot go more smoothly. The studio has many photography packages so that couples can easily balance their budget and choose the package that suits their ability.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 13 Luu Van Viet, Ward 2, City. Vinh Long
  • Phone number: 027 082 8432
  • Fanpage:


Mr. Ben Wedding

Mr Ben Wedding understands that wedding photography has a special meaning for couples. In order for the bride and groom to have a beautiful and right wedding photo collection, the studio is constantly diversifying shooting concepts, updating new and trending wedding dress models.

It can be said that Mr Ben Wedding is one of the shops with the most diverse wedding dress designs in Vinh Long City. When choosing to take wedding photos here, couples can take pictures with many different costumes such as traditional ao dai, wedding dress, vest, etc.

permanent wedding photography studio
Mr Ben Wedding – Beautiful, prestigious and professional wedding photography studio in Vinh Long City

Beautiful costumes will help couples stand out in the wedding ceremony and have beautiful, high-aesthetic photo shoots. Mr Ben Wedding also has a team of professional makeup artists who enthusiastically support the bride and groom during the photo shoot.

Above all, the shop’s team of photographers have many years of experience and have taken wedding photos for many couples. Photographers are highly skilled and especially dedicated to their profession. During the shooting process, the team of photographers will find a good angle so that the couple can keep the happiest moment.

When choosing Mr Ben Wedding, couples do not need to prepare anything. From costumes, accessories, supporting equipment and props will all be prepared by the team. Couples with no experience in posing will be guided by a dedicated team to get the best wedding photo album.

Mr Ben Wedding is committed to wedding photos with beautiful, sharp photos. The store will send the original file and the edited file so that the bride and groom can choose beautiful photos to wash and frame. Mr Ben Wedding has quite a few photography packages with different prices. Couples in need can contact the studio for advice before making a choice.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 55K Pham Thai Buong, Ward 4, City. Vinh Long
  • Phone number: 089 981 5708
  • Fanpage:


La Studio

If you want to own a luxurious and sophisticated wedding photography, La Studio is the right choice for you. The studio has a lot of wedding photo concepts such as minimalism, Korean style, classical style, Da Lat style, Hoi An style, etc. Currently, the studio also accepts daily life style photography for couples in love. love honesty and closeness.

La Studio always tries to find beautiful photography locations, near Vinh Long area so that couples can save time and money. With a professional team, couples can own beautiful and unique photos to keep happy moments.

permanent wedding photography studio
La Studio helps couples keep happy moments before the wedding

La Studio’s team is very open and always creates a comfortable atmosphere so that couples can naturally pose and express themselves. For couples who do not have experience in posing, La Studio’s team will do their best to support and roll out to bring photo shoots that have both artistic value and keep the happy moments of the couples.

During the wedding season, La Studio’s team works at full capacity to support couples in the preparation of the wedding ceremony. In particular, the studio also accepts to take photos and wash photos according to the individual requirements of customers. With the meticulousness and professionalism, La Studio deserves to be in the top of beautiful wedding photography studios in Vinh Long.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 53F3 Vincom Residential Area, Pham Thai Buong, Ward 4, City. Vinh Long
  • Phone number: 0969 71 89 71
  • Fanpage:

Criteria for choosing a prestigious wedding photography studio in Vinh Long

There are many wedding photography studios in Vinh Long, but choosing a beautiful, professional and affordable photography studio is not a simple matter. In fact, many couples find themselves in a difficult situation when choosing an inexperienced studio and inexperienced photographer.

In order to have a beautiful and right wedding photo set, TopAZ Review would like to share with readers some experiences in choosing a professional studio in Vinh Long:

  • Select a stable studio: Many couples have lost money because the studio stopped working but have not returned the photos or sent the deposit back. According to many people’s experience, couples should choose large studios that have been operating stably.
  • Various shooting concepts: Wedding photos are a way for couples to express their personalities, interests as well as keep memories. Therefore, when choosing a wedding photography studio in Vinh Long, you should choose studios with diverse photography concepts with all styles.
  • Professional team: To have a beautiful wedding photo set needs the contribution of the entire team. You should choose studios that have a team of good and skilled photographers, a well-trained makeup artist team, etc. The studio’s staff must be intensively trained and have a professional and methodical working style.
  • Enthusiastic service attitude: Wedding photography takes a lot of time and effort. In order for couples to keep a comfortable, happy mentality, the studio’s crew needs to have an enthusiastic service attitude. Ready to roll, support to get the most beautiful and unique photo shoot.
  • Cost of wedding photography: Last but not least is cost. The cost of preparing for the wedding ceremony is not a small number, couples need to balance for each item such as the cost of wedding photography, wedding dress rental, party booking, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to find out about the cost of photography in advance. of each studio before selection.

Conclude: Wedding photos will preserve the happiest moments of couples before officially entering married life. With a noble meaning, every couple wants to own a beautiful and unique wedding album. Hopefully the information about 5 beautiful wedding photography studios in Vinh Long City will help readers choose the right address.

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