Top 5 Tiệm Nail ở Hóc Môn làm đẹp, nổi tiếng nhất khu vực (Cập nhật)

Nail salons in Hoc Mon are not easy to find on social networks. In this article, TopAZ Review will help you summarize 5 professional, cheap, and professional nail salons in the area. These promises to be the perfect suggestions for women to feel secure about nail care and beauty.

Review 5 reputable nail salons in Hoc Mon, get many good reviews

Prove your own taste not only in clothes, hairstyles or shoes; Many women also choose to express their personality through beautiful nails. Each nail design is made to order, with different shapes, colors and accessories. However, to do so, requires you to choose the right place with high skills.

If you are looking for a nail salon in Hoc Mon that can help you achieve your dream, you definitely cannot miss the following list of 5 outstanding names. We have provided a brief overview of the facility, which you can refer to for more information.


LyA Beauty

LyA Beauty is one of the best nail salons in Hoc Mon. The shop works with the criterion of helping women become more beautiful every day. Therefore, each guest is dedicated to beauty by LyA Beauty. Every customer when walking out feels happy and happy because they have a satisfactory nail set.

After doing nails, you can choose other services here such as eyelash extensions, hair wash, detox foot bath, heel scrub. Salon staff are experienced beauty salon workers, serving customers. In particular, during the implementation process, you will feel absolute relaxation after hours of hard work.

Hoc Mon nail salon many new models
LyA Beauty is a Hoc Mon nail salon with a beautiful space and modern facilities

LyA Beauty is designed in an open space. Accordingly, the trees are arranged outside the aisle with light, glass doors to create a fresh environment and a comfortable feeling for customers when coming to experience the service. The store also has a large and secure parking space.

Speaking of nails, LyA Beauty always updates the models according to the time of year. At the festive seasons, changing for yourself a new nail is the thing that women think about the most. Therefore, you can refer to LyA Beauty’s personal page to choose for yourself beautiful, hot trending models.

Whether the nail design is in a gentle style or requires high creativity, the staff here always follow a professional, meticulous process every step of the way. Above all, paint products are imported from famous brands with diverse colors. You can ask to mix and match with many designs.

The shop is open from 9am to 9pm and operates continuously all week. At LyA Beauty, the service price is quite soft but the quality is not inferior to high-end establishments. According to the latest price list, you can refer to 3 “best seller” services here, including:

  • Gel polish: from 79,000 VND
  • Nail down: 60,000 VND
  • Apply gel: 180,000 VND

If you don’t have time, you can book an appointment via hotline or fanpage of LyA Beauty. Staff will respond immediately to the appointment. Below are the necessary contact channels.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 60 Bui Van Thu, Ba Diem Ward, Hoc Mon Dist., City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0902 334 933
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Nail and Spa Minh Thu

If you want to combine beauty and comprehensive body care, you can come to Nail and Spa Minh Thu to experience it right away. This is the most famous nail salon in Hoc Mon district. The salon is built with a spacious area, fully equipped facilities, meeting the perfect nail and spa services.

In particular, the shop has brush sets with many different types from large to small. Thanks to that, it is possible to draw and decorate many impressive and beautiful models to please customers. After each completion, the salon staff always keep the cleaning routine to keep the brush soft, providing even, beautiful strokes for the next time.

Hoc Mon beauty salon
Staff at Nail and Spa Minh Thu are always friendly, polite and give enthusiastic advice

At the same time, tools including skin clippers and nail clippers are also properly disinfected and preserved by Nail Minh Thu. This helps to kill all pathogens causing bacteria, ensuring the safety of customers’ health.

Coming to this nail salon, you will be able to make nail designs that will never go out of fashion. From materials to colors, decorative motifs are constantly updated to meet customer tastes. You can freely share with the staff about your needs, they will bring you beautiful nails, with their own style.

With the support of customers during the past time, next to the establishment in Hoc Mon near Dong Linh pagoda, customers are easy to find. Nail and Spa Minh Thu also opened a nail salon in District 12 as a second base. Beauty enthusiasts can move between the two locations conveniently.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 138 Pham Thi Giay, Hamlet Tam Dong 2, Thoi Tam Dong Ward, Hoc Mon Dist., City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0975 387 554
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Cassie Nail

Hoc Mon district has more than 10 communes and 1 town, so TopAZ Review tries to share with readers the nail salons here for the most reasonable allocation. Cassie Nail is the next name readers can refer to. This is a nail salon located in Trung Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem commune, if it’s close to your location, you should stop by and experience.

Featured at the salon are trendy mirror nail designs from Korea – Japan. With many modern colors, keeping up with the trend, women can refresh their style. The technical staff is also highly appreciated by customers.

If you don’t want to be monotonous with ombre and rainbow colors, you can combine textures, rhinestones, dried flowers, … on your mirrored pattern. In particular, the designs that retain high shine and sparkle help the nails stand out, so the ladies love them.

Professional nail salon in Hoc Mon
Cassie Nail has a cheap price, suitable for many customers

In addition, if you are concerned that the rough hand is not done well, do not worry, the salon staff always give you dedicated advice and help you choose the design that best suits your hand shape. From short square nails to long round nails, gourd nails, … all bring you satisfactory finishing results.

Cassie Nail also has unlimited color nail designs, you can freely choose the color according to your taste and mood. Nail designs in color tones from simple to drawing patterns, funny cartoon characters are what help you express your own “personal brand”.

Cassie Nail also organizes many attractive promotions, please follow to not miss these promotions. At the same time, the price at the shop is committed to being a cheap price, suitable for many women from all ages.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 55/7 Nguyen Thi Hue, Trung Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem Ward, Hoc Mon Dist., City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0947 885 964
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Nail Pages

Trang Nails is not only a prestigious nail salon in Hoc Mon, but also a nail training place in Ho Chi Minh City that many people study. The salon owns highly skilled professionals who can advise and make many beautiful nails.

If you have low self-esteem, your hands are rough and not soft, come to Trang Nail, the salon will help you choose the right nail shape, slimmer and more beautiful hands. You can refer to the beautiful nail services at the salon such as applying stone powder, applying / gel polish, rhinestones, glitter, … Regardless of the decoration style, customers feel satisfied with the beauty when done. its.

In particular, the quality of nails made at Trang Nails is quite durable and safe for health. The nail chemicals used in applying powder or paint, nail polish remover are used in the correct dosage and technique, so they are not harmful to the health of the user.

Prestigious Hoc Mon nail salon
Trang Nail specializes in nail care and makeup services with perfect quality

Customers of Trang Nails are usually quite crowded in the evening. Therefore, if you can arrange the time, come on weekday mornings for the best experience.

In particular, the salon not only attracts customers thanks to the skill of its technicians, but also receives a lot of favor because of the arrangement and decoration here. The salon has a small area, but the furniture and tools are arranged neatly and comfortably, so that customers have a comfortable psychology when beautifying.

The price at Trang Nail is quite affordable, at basic nail services such as cutting skin, taking corners only costs from a few tens of thousands. For models that need to be decorated or require a lot of technique, the price will vary. To get more information about the price, you can contact the salon directly, the staff will respond quickly.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 61/4 Quang Trung, TT. Hoc Mon, Hoc Mon District, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 090343 606
  • Fanpage:


SUNNY Beauty

TopAZ Review tries to summarize and introduce to readers an overview of reputable nail salons in all communes in Hoc Mon. Finally, Sunny Beauty is an indispensable name in this list. Although on the personal page, the shop’s following is still limited, but customers in the area still know and support it because of its good service quality.

The steps are carried out meticulously, enthusiastically, from cleaning, fixing nails, removing powder, to decorating as required. After that, Sunny Beauty staff still did not forget to remind and guide you how to protect and maintain beautiful nails at home. Therefore, the shop always receives positive reviews about the service style.

nail salon in Hoc Mon cheap
If you love many colors, you can immediately choose this nail model of Sunny Beauty

Not only brings aesthetic nail set, but the salon also focuses on hygiene issues. Customers coming to Sunny Beauty are not only satisfied with the quality but also feel secure about their health. Nail trimming tools are kept clean and disinfected carefully. In addition, the seats and towels are also cleaned regularly for the next service.

The nail designs at the salon are also always updated according to new, creative trends, highlighting in each stroke to bring youthfulness and many choices to customers.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 252/11 Thoi Tam Thon 6 Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, Hoc Mon Dist
  • Phone number: 0979 278 401
  • Fanpage:

Criteria for choosing a nail salon in Hoc Mon is professional, carefully done, you should note

Today’s nail art is created with many unique styles that make women fall in love. Putting on a new, trendy nail set is also a way to help you be confident. Compared to legs and unadorned “rustic” hands, nail art is also a way to help you cover up the shortcoming of your rough and short nails.

However, to own the right design nail set as required. You need to find nail salons in Hoc Mon that meet the following important criteria. Here are the factors to help you choose the right nail salon with a good heart:

  • Nail model: Nails are like fashion, always updated continuously according to each season, each year. If the nail salon does not learn and keep up with new designs, it will not be possible to create beautiful, trendy models. You can refer to the image of the salon in advance, to see if the establishment has posted new nail images before deciding to do it.
  • Employee skills: To make beautiful nails, employees need to have strong skills. Inexperienced nail technicians often will not know how to do nails as well as use immature tools. Thereby, affecting the results. Ideally, you can ask for professional certificates to verify, so it will be more secure when done.
  • Infrastructure: Facilities such as chairs, lamps, nail tables, towels, … must be fully prepared. Besides, nail tools such as paint, nail kit, pliers, … must also be equipped and replaced when the quality is no longer as good as the original.
  • Toilet: Whether the nail salon is large or small, hygiene must be a top concern. Prestigious nail salons need to properly store and disinfect tools. Only in this way can we ensure the health and safety of our customers.

Conclude: Each nail model shows a different beauty and style. Thereby, the opponent will evaluate your personality as well as your aesthetic taste. If you are a person who likes to receive many compliments, you should wisely choose the right nail salon in Hoc Mon for beauty and prestige.

Because of the limitation of the article, we only share with you the top 5 prominent names in the region. However, if you know more addresses, do not hesitate to share with TopAZ Review in the comments section below.


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