Top 5 Tiệm Nail tại Quận 10 giá rẻ, dịch vụ chất lượng nhất (Cập nhật)

Beauty for nails and toenails is an essential need of many women. You can choose home service or go to nail salons in District 10 for nail care. The following article summarizes for you the top 5 prestigious and quality addresses in District 10.

Review of 5 nail salons in District 10 with good technology, attentive staff

Recently, the hobby of the sisters is racing to “buy” for themselves beautiful nails. Understanding this requirement, nail salons in District 10 are increasingly being built throughout the region, from small to massive scale. However, to own a satisfactory nail set, you need to choose a unit with good service, reasonable price.

On the other hand, between nail salons close together at the same place, it will be difficult for you to judge the quality. This proves that, not only based on quality, but also in order to retain customers, that establishment needs professional service, to be able to satisfy and continue to come back to support the next time.

The content of the article will refer to the top 5 beautiful nail salons in District 10, trusted by many women over the past time. Readers, let’s take a look at TopAZ Review right here.


Bonita Spa and Nails

Bonita is a professional beauty and skin care address right in front of Ly Thai To district 10. The establishment also has a nail salon in Binh Thanh district which is also popular with customers. Coming to the shop, you will be impressed by the eye-catching design, the main pink tone, adding a lovely and sweet touch. Every girl gets good check-in photos when coming here.

Staff at Bonita are evaluated professionally, from talking to uniforms and understanding customer psychology. In particular, you guys know how to talk in the “blank” time, creating a comfortable feeling.

The salon not only does nails but also has spa services, the products used here are all benign and safe for the health of the users. Modern equipment and materials, fully meeting the needs of customers for all services.

cheap nail salon in district 10
Bonita Spa and Nail is quite popular with women because the salon provides beautiful and stylish nails

The difference in Bonita that few nail establishments have is that you can choose to see the horoscope, get advice about your future and life while waiting for your turn. The nail technicians at Bonita are very attentive and careful. The shop gathers a wide variety of paint colors, you can freely choose.

One of the other reasons why customers love Bonita is the individually designed nail design, meticulously drawn in every detail. From there, exalting the beauty of the owner. The shop also accepts nail boxes, with a quick time of 10 minutes, you don’t have to wait much. Moreover, each set of “false nails” here has only one set, designed according to the standard size of the customer, you will not worry about the problem of clashing with anyone.

You can book an appointment in advance so you don’t have to wait, but most of all, the salon always knows how to arrange and allocate appropriately. Even if you arrive at peak hours, you won’t have to wait long.

Prices at Bonita are reasonable, commensurate with the customer’s service experience. From nail to spa, they have conquered customers and for the above reasons, customers know Bonita more and more. Bonita always retains loyal customers as well as new customers introduced by the sister association. You should save the address and come to experience the service here once, guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 389A Ly Thai To, Ward 9, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0939 366 692
  • Fanpage:


The Lab Nail Bar

With a recognizable location, located near Van Hanh Mall, so customers can easily find the address of The Lab Nail Bar. The salon with the mission of taking care of your beauty according to the “loving” standard, comes from the hearts of employees who love their job and love beauty. Therefore, we always want to give our customers the most beautiful nails at the best level.

From materials, designs to techniques, everything is meticulously researched and refined by The Lab. The staff here enthusiastically advise and always recommend you nail designs suitable for each skin color and age. Moreover, the cute way of talking and serious attitude at work are factors that help customers appreciate.

nail salon in district 10 good service
The Lab Nail Bar in District 10 always has a stable number of customers with reasonable prices and good service

Services at The Lab are suitable for every pocket. Besides, the salon also has a warranty, if the nail is damaged or there is a problem, you just contact the Lab, the salon will repair it completely free of charge. The shop has an airy space, the decoration is very eye-catching. Not only helping you get the right nail set, but the staff here are ready to share with you the secrets to keeping the beauty and smoothness of your hands.

Coming to The Lab, you can also register for services such as eyelash extensions, eyelash curling, no need to travel far, you can still beautify at a professional and prestigious place in the heart of District 10.

Paint colors are displayed with full colors, many beautiful colors and difficult to peel off, especially paints that do not harm nails. The Lab’s nail designs are designed with many colors, from simple to complex, but each model exudes sophistication and meticulousness. Your hands are taken care of each finger, so customers have a lot of love for the shop.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 355/13 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0386 982 130
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Tesee Nails Town

Tesee Nails Town is a beautiful little nail salon in Korean and Japanese style. The shop is extremely pleasing to the ladies, you can see a full range of paint colors neatly displayed, helping customers have many choices for their favorite colors.

Not only do nails, you can also come to Tesee to wash your hair and curl your eyelashes. In particular, there is also a carefully done heel scrub service, bringing beautiful pink heels to the ladies. The shop only updates the photos of the owner, taken by the establishment and asked for the customer’s permission. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the problem of photos on facebook or instagram being the same but getting nails that are not what you expected.

The shop’s atmosphere is cool, the items are neatly arranged, creating a friendly feeling for customers right from the moment they enter. Tesee is designed with pastel pink and white colors, adding femininity to the space, bringing fresh energy to customers coming to the shop.

Prestigious nail salon in District 10
Tesee Nails Town is a prestigious nail salon in District 10, offering impressive and unique nail designs by combining colors and delicate strokes.

With each guest, Tesee Nails Town always takes the time to give detailed advice on the products to use as well as clear steps to follow for your understanding and peace of mind. The nail designs here are very rich, loved by customers. If you like simplicity, you can choose a plain paint model, or to avoid boredom, choosing more accessories such as rhinestones, ombre, cat’s eyes, … personality, enhancing the beauty of the nails, moreover even make skin radiant.

The shop also has new and exclusive nail stickers. If you do not have much time to choose nail art, you can refer to the nail box samples here. Because the implementation time is fast, easy to change and does not take much care.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 506/1 3/2 Street, Ward 14, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0942 511 194
  • Fanpage:


MIN’s shop

Min’s salon includes prestigious massage, nail and hair-care services in District 10. Everything in the salon is guaranteed to be kept clean, from furniture to utensils, manicure tables, … are cleaned regularly. before welcoming customers.

In addition to the quality of service, the shop also opens promotions to attract new customers as well as to show gratitude to old customers. On holidays, the shop always deploys vouchers, incentives and receives positive feedback.

District 10 nail salon beautiful models
Not only nail art paint, MIN House also has beautiful and exclusive nail box models

Those are the reasons why customers choose Min’s shop as a place to relax and beautify after stressful working hours. Nail services at the salon from basic to advanced: cut skin, file nails, gel polish, mirror, charm, draw art, … At the same time, the salon also has skilled and experienced staff. Thanks to that, you can own a beautiful nail set, suitable for the shape of your feet and hands.

Coming to Min’s Salon, you will be satisfied by the right nail set that you received. Regardless of the complexity, technical requirements, and meticulousness, the salon’s staff still ensures to bring you the most perfect quality.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 14 Lot Y, Su Van Hanh Apartment, Ward 2, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0932 166 445
  • Fanpage:



Batibe is a famous nail salon in District 1 and has a facility in District 10 that is also highly appreciated by customers. The price at the store is always fixed and there are no surcharges. Unlike some other establishments, on holidays, the shop is always crowded but still keeps the old fee.

Staff at the salon are well-trained, friendly and polite to customers. In addition to the above reasons, Batibe is also favored by customers by:

  • Standard paint quality, shiny, long lasting
  • Constantly learning and updating nail designs, hot trends, current trends
  • Ready to meet the requirements and designs of customers
nail salon in district 10 style
One of Batibe’s nail designs captivates customers

When you come to the salon, you will be specifically introduced by the staff on each step. After styling advice and choosing the right model, you will go to the initial steps of nail treatment, skin repair, and skin picking. Next is gel polish, styling. Every step is carried out carefully, not to disappoint customers.

The salon space is spacious and airy, moreover, the friendly staff always know how to create a comfortable atmosphere, helping customers to relax and relax when coming to experience here.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 618 Su Van Hanh, Ward 10, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Phone number: 0328 823 438
  • Fanpage:

Criteria for choosing a nail salon in District 10 is prestigious and trendy

Stylish girls always want to take care of their nails in their own way. A beautiful and prestigious nail salon in District 10 is something you should not ignore. But where is the address you should send?

Because some places often do not bring the quality as expected, avoiding the case of “different online photos” as rumored, you can pocket the experience of choosing a nail salon that we have compiled right below:

  • Infrastructure: Most nail salons offer a variety of services, including nails, eyelash extensions – curling, massage. To ensure that it meets the needs of customers, the salon needs to invest in large-scale facilities. Moreover, the best salon space needs to be open and clean to avoid the appearance of bacteria. If the nail salon is small, it is necessary to equip a dehumidifier to filter and clean the air, to protect the health of customers.
  • With warranty: Customers will feel more secure when choosing a nail salon with a warranty policy. In a short time, the nail is broken or there is a problem from the salon, it is natural to contact to solve it. Before doing so, you should ask this issue clearly to ensure your rights.
  • Price: This is an important factor to increase the reputation of the nail salon. The cost may be high, but must be commensurate with the quality of the nail provided. On the contrary, some cheap nail services will often bring poor quality nails. That is due to the use of imitation paint, materials of unknown origin. Therefore, you can refer to the price of nail art in the market before deciding to choose a place to take care of your nails.

Conclude: With 5 nail salons in District 10 shared by TopAZ Review, evaluated from many different sources of information, hope you have chosen a reliable address to help you own a new look for your nails.


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