Top 7 địa chỉ Đào Tạo Nối Mi tại TPHCM uy tín chất lượng (Cập nhật)

The eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City is a place to teach and share basic and important experiences, knowledge, and skills about the eyelash extension profession, so it is necessary to choose a reputable and quality address to be able to learn. and improve skills. From there, open up many opportunities, get a stable job and a dream income.

Review 7 professional eyelash extensions training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City with reasonable tuition fees

World Nail School Center, Wings Lashes Academy, Calla Lily Spa & Clinic, MainBeauty Center, Linh Chi Spa, Hoaly’s Eyelash Center and Kimmi Beauty Eyelash Center are 7 suggestions from TopAZ Reviews that you should consider choosing. Specifically, each address will have the following salient features:


World Nail School Center

World Nail School Center is the leading eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City. When participating, students will learn a program designed specifically, helping to understand the basic and important techniques in eyelash extensions, improving their own aesthetic.

Upon graduation, students will be able to confidently advise and help customers choose the right eyelash shape for each eye shape and facial contour. Help customers become more confident with their appearance and beauty are promoted beyond expectations.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
The program of the World Nail School Center helps students understand the basic and important techniques in eyelash extensions

Besides, after completing the courses, students can completely rest assured to participate in domestic and foreign competitions to assert their name and learn more practical experience. Or you can also open a business to do a professional job.

Directly teaching will be a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers. The curriculum is constantly updated and students practice more than 90% of the time. In particular, dedicated training and not hiding the profession with the 1-to-1 tutoring method.

When registering for the course, students will also be given tools to serve the course. The certificate received will be valid when working in Vietnam and can be converted when going abroad. Facilities are spacious, modern, spacious, clean and airy.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 31 Vo Van Tan, district. 3
  • Phone: 0936 554 447
  • Website:


Wings Lashes Academy

Although just established 2 years ago, Wings Lashes Academy has gained a strong foothold in the market, being chosen by many students inside and outside the region. In particular, becoming the second most famous eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Academy continuously opens enrollment courses for students with a tailored curriculum. Suitable for both those who are familiar with the subject of eyelash extensions for the first time and professional workers who want to improve their skills.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
Wings Lashes Academy continuously opens enrollment courses with tailored curriculum

Directly teaching classes are Australia’s leading experts with good qualifications, high skills and experience. During the course of study, students will learn basic knowledge and practical practice, so after graduation, they can open their own business.

The tuition fee for eyelash extensions at the academy is quite reasonable and not expensive, so it does not cause students to have financial difficulties when in need. Flexible study time, helping students actively arrange work and life to participate fully.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 309 Phan Xich Long, district. Phu Nhuan
  • Phone: 869 977 696
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Calla Lily Spa & Clinic

Calla Lily Spa & Clinic is one of the prestigious and quality eyelash extensions training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, this place also provides beauty services such as eyelash extensions, facial whitening, permanent hair removal, acne treatment, eye care, wrinkle removal, ….

Eyelash extensions training classes will be held regularly and continuously, helping students have many options to suit their needs and free time. The teachers are the main workers, have been properly trained, so they are both highly skilled and experienced.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
Eyelash extensions training instructors at Calla Lily Spa & Clinic are the main workers, well-trained and experienced.

The training program is close to reality. In addition to the basic knowledge sessions, students will practice to get acquainted and gradually improve their skills. Besides, sharing a lot of useful information to help graduate can confidently work at different beauty establishments.

If eligible, students can also open their own business eyelash extension center. Because after completing the course, you will be able to consult and perform eyelash extensions to ensure that it is suitable for the eye and face shape to enhance the beautiful appearance of the customer.

In terms of facilities, made quite spacious, airy and clean. Bringing the best space for customers to use the service and creating favorable conditions for students to practice, creating comfortable and fun lessons.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 67 Xuan Hong, district. Tan Binh
  • Phone: 0901 209 012
  • Fanpage:


MainBeauty Center

MainBeauty Center is an intensive & comprehensive eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City. The strength of this place is always updating the most advanced and modern eyelash extension techniques, helping students access international eyelash extension standards easily and effectively.

When learning eyelash extensions at the center, students will be taught basic and important knowledge in eyelash extensions such as eyelash structure, eyelash extension techniques, how to distinguish different types of eyelashes, how to preserve eyelash extensions. …. All will be taught by good teachers.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
When learning eyelash extensions at MainBeauty Center, students will be taught about knowledge related to eyelash structure, eyelash extension techniques, etc.

In addition, students will be instructed on how to mix eyelash extension glue to avoid freezing, loosening and increasing durability. Instructions for eyelash care, eyelash care and eyelash removal without pain and discomfort for customers. Learn common mistakes in eyelash extensions & how to fix them.

In particular, the center has advanced courses with special curriculum. In these courses, students will be guided to classify eyelashes, learn about glues and eyelash extensions. Classification of eyelash lengths and how to apply the length of eyelash extensions on the customer’s face.

In addition, students will learn an extremely fast method of eyelash extensions, which will shorten the time of eyelash extensions by 50%. Instructions on how to remove eyelashes and make eyelashes durable and fast. Learn techniques for eyelash extensions Volume, cat’s eye, Art, black rose and eyelash extensions that are durable and long lasting.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 360 Cao Thang, district. ten
  • Phone: 0908 956 085
  • Website:


Linh Chi Spa

If you are looking for a professional eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City to study, Linh Chi Spa will be a suggestion worth considering. The motto here is to give wings to the dreams of young people who have a love and passion for eyelash extensions.

Therefore, courses are always committed to teaching quality. Classroom teachers not only have good expertise, high skills, but also experience and responsibility, dedicated in their training career to not disappoint the expectations and trust of students.

The curriculum will be designed according to different levels, from easy to difficult. The curriculum will intertwine knowledge and skills through practice. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to work & practice skills with practical activities.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
Linh Chi Spa’s eyelash extension training program will intertwine knowledge and skills through practice

After graduating, students will have many career opportunities such as working at beauty centers, opening their own service establishments, …. Since then, you can satisfy your passion but still ensure a stable income and improve your quality of life.

The eyelash extension course here will be divided into two types, basic and advanced, with tuition fees ranging from 2,900,000 VND. In particular, the advanced course will include eyelash extension techniques to create Fene, impression, Volume, 3D, 6D, highlightlight, … (tools prepared by students).

Particularly in the basic course, students will learn an overview of eyelash extensions, an overview of eyelash extensions tools, one by one and three by one eyelash extension techniques, classification of eyelashes by thickness – curvature – length, Preserve & use eyelash extension glue. Specially designed eyelash shape suitable for each customer.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 54A Tran Huy Lieu, District. Phu Nhuan
  • Phone: 01222 986 686
  • Website:


Hoaly’s Eyelash Center

One of the most popular eyelash extensions training locations in Ho Chi Minh City today is Hoaly’s Eyelash Center. This place has more than 10 years of operation and development, in addition to imparting knowledge, experience and skills, it also gives very useful advice.

During its training career, the center constantly improves and enhances the quality of teaching, Besides, it also constantly updates new knowledge about eyelash extensions from many countries around the world such as Japan, Taiwan, USA and Korea.

The center’s curriculum focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge. At the same time, create a favorable environment and conditions for students to practice to improve their skills, aesthetic taste and become more bold when interacting with customers.

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
Hoaly’s Eyelash Center not only imparts knowledge, experience and skills, but also gives students useful advice.

The center’s team of experienced and qualified experts will directly teach and support students throughout the course of the course. This will help to achieve the highest academic performance and solid skills upon graduation.

When coming to the center, students will learn about the biological structure and basic growth cycle of eyelashes, an overview of eyelash extensions, classification of false eyelashes based on length – curvature – thickness, an overview of different types of eyelashes. eyelash extension tool. At the same time, learn how to preserve & use eyelash extension glue.

In terms of technique, students will be taught lower eyelash extensions, angel, black rose, volume, one by one; remove & condition lashes. Along with that is advice on how to care and maintain eyelash extensions, important issues when advising customers, the influence of temperature and humidity on the process of eyelash extensions, ….

Tuition fees for each course at the center will range from VND 2,000,000 to VND 12,000,000. Accompanied by an offer to buy specialized eyelash extension kits at a price about 25% lower than the market. In addition, they are also supported to open their own business after graduation.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 365 Su Van Hanh, district. ten
  • Phone: 0965 777 515
  • Website:


Kimmi Beauty Eyelash Center

Kimmi Beauty Eyelash Center is a famous eyelash extension training address in Ho Chi Minh City. The curriculum here is quite professional with easy to understand content and clear and detailed images – helping students quickly absorb basic and important knowledge in the profession.

The center has many different courses, corresponding to the students’ low to high levels. In each course will teach 48 types of eyelash extensions that are “hot” on the market, how to connect lower eyelashes and how to do eyelash extensions in the style of black rose, volume, ktun, angel, ….

Training address for eyelash extensions in Ho Chi Minh City
Kimmi Beauty Eyelash Center has many different courses, corresponding to the students’ low to high levels

The tuition fee offered by the center is very moderate, students only need to pay once to be able to study for life and be constantly updated by the lecturer with new knowledge, free of charge. At the same time, learn more about creating fake fans, flower fans, hand fans and set fans.

After graduating, students can be confident in their skills and experience to advise customers to choose the right eyelash shape for their face and face shape and do it directly without the guidance of the teacher. Besides, it is ad-supported for free.

What I like most about the center is being sampled more than 80% of the time and focusing on practice rather than theory. Be guided on how to make quality videos and edit them on the app so that when you open your own business, you can attract more customers.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 264A Trinh Dinh Trong, district. Tan Phu
  • Phone: 0902 539 988
  • Fanpage:

Above are detailed reviews of the top 7 reputable, quality, professional, and affordable eyelash extensions training addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. However, it should be noted that the prices of courses, training programs, etc. mentioned in the article will be subject to change by many different factors, so it is necessary to contact before registering to participate for key advice. most accurate.

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