Top 7 Địa chỉ mua tinh dầu thiên nhiên ở TPHCM uy tín chất lượng (Cập nhật)

There is no shortage of places to buy natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City, but you must learn carefully before choosing to be sure to go to the right place of prestige and quality. Helping to buy products that are right for your needs and preferences, suitable for “finance” and bring many benefits to health and spirit.

Review 7 places to buy natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City with good products and reasonable prices

Yaris Store, Cong Thanh Investment Development Joint Stock Company, Store, etc. are the addresses you should choose. Because there are good products, reasonable prices, imported from domestic and foreign manufacturers or self-produced in a qualified environment with modern equipment and safe materials.


Yaris Store

Yaris Store offers pure natural essential oils, which contain healthy ingredients. Help you feel comfortable when using, relax, forget all fatigue and worries; The room is filled with a pleasant scent.

All products in the store are made from safe, non-toxic materials. Therefore, it is not only environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time, but also ensures quality and effectiveness when used correctly.

Before being put on the market, the products have been researched by experienced and highly qualified professionals. At the same time, it is prepared in a qualified environment with a closed and strictly controlled process.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
Yaris store offers pure natural essential oils, containing healthy ingredients

The size of the store is not large, but it is quite spacious and spacious. Help you when you come to buy essential oils have a good impression and sympathy. Contributing to affirming the prestige and quality of the brand to customers inside and outside the region.

Reasonable price, affordable for individuals and families. Depending on your needs, you can buy it for home, company or as a gift for friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. on special occasions to express your heart and sincere feelings.

The staff is quite enthusiastic, attentive service and very attentive support. When customers need to provide information or answer related questions, they will respond promptly and quickly with their own experience and knowledge.

You can go to the store to buy in person or order online to have it delivered to your home. Shipping costs will depend on distance and a number of other factors, but are usually not high – saving you time and effort.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 415A Hoa Hao, district. ten
  • Phone: 0962 251 519
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Cong Thanh Investment Development Joint Stock Company

Cong Thanh Investment Development Joint Stock Company is both a production address and in charge of supplying natural essential oils to the market in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces/cities of Vietnam – meeting the purchasing needs of all customers. row.

The raw materials used to produce essential oils at the company are 100% of natural origin, mainly flowers and leaves grown with a strict scientific process. After harvesting, it will be taken to the factory to prepare by a special method – steam distillation.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
Cong Thanh Investment Development Joint Stock Company is both a production address and undertakes the task of providing natural essential oils

At the same time, using modern machinery and equipment to ensure absolute quality. Commitment to not mix impurities and do not contain harmful substances that negatively affect customers’ health when used for a long time.

The company always puts MIND in each product, helping customers experience a variety of essential oils that are good for mind and body. At the same time, get satisfaction in scent and design, and always feel comfortable and pleasant to use.

The staff is both professional, enthusiastic and dedicated in their work. When customers come directly to the company to buy products or order online through sales channels, they will receive advice, support and attentive service, ready to answer all related questions and concerns.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 14 Street 10A, h. Binh Chanh
  • Phone: 0977 993 994
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

#03 Store store is the address where you can buy safe and quality natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, this place also provides lamps/nebulizers, candles, candle oil, starch/nutrition/beauty powders, Vietnamese and foreign spices, medicinal herbs, dried fruits, herbs, flower teas,…

All products available at the store are bold in nature and are made from ingredients of reputable manufacturers. In terms of scent, the design is absolutely not inferior to those of famous brands in the world.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City’s natural essential oils are all produced from safe and benign ingredients

When used correctly, natural essential oils not only help your living space smell pleasant, but also support effective disease treatment. For example, improving depression, stabilizing psychology, increasing libido, reducing menstrual pain, etc.

When you come directly to the store or contact via phone, facebook, etc., you will be enthusiastically and happily consulted by knowledgeable staff about the product. At the same time, very attentive service and home delivery support if needed at a reasonable surcharge.

The selling price of natural essential oils here is quite affordable, not higher than the common ground, so it is easy to buy. Diverse models, meeting all purposes such as gifts, used for living room, office, bedroom, … in the house/company.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 92 Nguyen Huu Canh, district. Binh Thanh
  • Phone: 1900 7205
  • Email:
  • Fanpage:


Farm & Forest Store

One of the places to buy natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City that you should not miss is Farm & Forest Store. Because the products here are pure, unadulterated and do not use artificial flavors, they have a very pleasant fragrance.

When you are tired, stressed, frustrated or have trouble in life and work, just smelling a little essential oil can improve your mood and spirit. In addition, proper use will bring many health benefits.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
Farm & Forest store provides pure natural essential oils and does not use artificial flavors

Not only appreciated for the quality of products, the store is also loved for its enthusiasm, cheerfulness and friendliness when advising, supporting and serving customers. Making anyone who comes here feel satisfied and ready to come back on the nearest occasion.

Besides coming directly to buy essential oils, you can also order online if your home location is far from the store and it is not convenient to move. The product will then be shipped to your place in about 1-5 days with a moderate surcharge.

The store space is built and decorated to look very delicate and luxurious, helping customers to have a good impression when entering. The products are displayed neatly, neatly and carefully on the shelves, creating a feeling of old and antique.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 9A Nguyen Huu Canh, district. Binh Thanh
  • Phone: 02838 404 726
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:


Organic store

Lorganic store is an address specializing in providing aromatherapy oils, monoscent essential oils, essential oil diffusers, aromatherapy lamps, … in Ho Chi Minh City, if you have a need, you can come to consult, choose and buy for yourself. the right product.

The advantage of the store is that essential oils are extracted 100% from nature, completely pure. It can be said that this is the perfect crystallization after processing raw materials, distilling, preserving with strict and strict standards. Absolute guarantee of quality and safety, benign.

Besides, the product also has diverse designs, rich scents, beautiful and impressive designs. Helping customers not only easily find the right type, but also can use it for any space or as a gift for relatives, friends, etc. is also very meaningful.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
The advantage of Organic Store is that essential oils are extracted 100% from nature, completely pure

In particular, does not affect health. When used for the first time or for a long time, also does not cause irritation and discomfort. According to some studies, if used with the correct frequency and dosage, it also helps to relax and calm the mind.

The selling price of essential oils is quite affordable, not out of the “budget” of individuals and families. If you buy in bulk or on promotional occasions, you will receive many attractive incentives and discounts – saving a lot of costs.

The consultants and customer care staff are very enthusiastic, cheerful and attentive. Before “closing the order”, you can ask for more information about the product, answer questions about ingredients and uses to make a more accurate decision.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Alley 32 Nguyen Cuu Van, District. Binh Thanh
  • Phone: 0847 991 177
  • Website:


Sonata Store

Sonate store is one of the places to choose to buy pure natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City. The plus point is that the product is quality, does not use artificial flavors and does not contain harmful ingredients that affect health.

Service attitude, support and advice of enthusiastic, friendly, professional and attentive staff. Ready to provide information about products and answer all questions from customers about usage, expiry date, preservation,,….

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
Essential oils at Sonate Store are quality, not adulterated with harmful ingredients that affect health

Besides, score points with the arrangement of essential oils and the display space – neat, clean and delicate. When you step into the store, you will easily find models, types, designs, fragrances, etc. to suit your needs and “financial”.

For customers who are far away, the store supports door-to-door delivery with the minimum invoice value. In the closer case, you can come directly to consult and choose to have both your wishes and preferences, while saving costs.

In addition to essential oils, the store also has several essential oil diffusers and essential oil lamps from many popular and high-end brands. When combined with essential oils, they will form the perfect duo to help keep your living, resting or working space smelling fresh.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 511 Nguyen Trai, district. 5
  • Phone: 02873 006 869
  • Website:


The Scent . Store

The Scent store is the address to directly import and distribute natural essential oils, genuine essential oil diffusers in Ho Chi Minh City. The products here are of clear origin, ensuring safety and quality.

Particularly for essential oils, 100% organic and USDA certified by the US FDA, long-term use does not have negative effects on health. Moreover, it can help the spirit in times of fatigue and stress, because it will help the mind become relaxed, peaceful and in the most comfortable state.

Address to buy essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City
The Scent store specializes in distributing natural essential oils, genuine essential oil diffusers

After many years of operation, the store has had a stable number of old and new customers. In response to everyone’s trust and support, this place constantly tries to improve the quality of products and services, affirming the brand position in the market.

In addition, when you come here to buy essential oils, you will be extremely impressed with the professional working style of the staff. From consulting, service to support, customer care is very attentive, considerate, enthusiastic, cheerful and dedicated.

The price of the product is very reasonable, so you can buy many products at the same time to meet your needs and purposes. On major holidays of the year, this place also has promotions to show gratitude to customers who have accompanied the store.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 543 Au Co, district. Tan Phu
  • Phone: 0888 505 333
  • Website:

The article reviews the top 7 places to buy natural essential oils in Ho Chi Minh City that are reputable, quality, have good products, and are reasonably priced. Hopefully, with the objective sharing of TopAZ Reviews, you will have more useful information. From there, get the most accurate decision, meet the purpose of use and suitable for “pocket”.

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