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  1. Ozark makes a strong case here, not that much difference in outcome. But you can still use the difference in the price for groceries and gas where you just have a Yeti cooler w no groceries and no gas. Just sayin' ✌️✌️✌️

  2. A better test would be to put both of them in the sun because we don’t know how long the cheaper one was all water it could’ve been like that for 10 hours and the ice in the yeti could’ve barely started melting by then…. place them in the sun and check regularly on them

  3. You actually have to pre cool them…fill them both with ice for 24 hours then drain…this is to pre cool the inner sides…great idea but you didn't do it right….please make a part 2

  4. MOST people are fine with a cheaper cooler and are wasting their money on an expensive cooler, but if you are going to be out in the wilderness for more than 3 days, you want the highest quality cooler you can afford. YETI coolers are roto molded (not blow molded like OT), are stronger (Wal*mart also has a spotty reputation with their 'warranties') and retain ice longer. I really don't trust a Wal*mart product to be bear-proof, regardless of what is claimed.

    In other words: buy a high performance cooler if you expect high performance needs. If you are just going on picnics, cookouts, boat trips, or a family campground where you can buy ice nearby, just get a cheap cooler.